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Checklist for more security: How to protect yourself from burglars

Everyone wants to protect their home and valuables. So it’s no wonder that security locks in particular are being used more and more often. In addition, windows and patio or balcony doors are also equipped with additional security measures.

Nevertheless, it has been shown that the number of burglaries and thefts is constantly on the rise. Many people still assume that burglaries mainly take place in the dark. Unfortunately, this is not true; most burglaries take place during the day. And they always take place when no one is at home.

Therefore, further security measures are needed to protect important things from burglars. Safes offer an optimal solution for this, but other security measures also help to effectively protect your own four walls from burglars.

A safe deters many burglars

A burglar confronted with a safe is often deterred. Cracking a safe takes a lot of time and it also makes noise. Burglars will always try to avoid both. The very fact that you don’t have an easy game here often leads to the burglars giving up. In addition, of course, it is extremely doubtful that a burglar will even succeed in opening a high-quality safe.

Safes thus become the guardians of the most important and valuable items. Starting with extremely important papers, such as ID cards or bank documents, and especially PINs. But a safe also secures valuable jewelry and everything that should be protected from sighting and access by unauthorized persons.

Other security systems that protect the home

In our digital age, it stands to reason that people should also take advantage of the convenience this brings. Smart security systems, for example, offer significantly increased protection. They make it extremely difficult for burglars to enter the house or apartment unnoticed.

Unlike a normal alarm system, the individual elements of smart security systems are networked with each other. The control panel is always the main component of a smart security system. It can be controlled either by a smartphone, a tablet or with the help of a voice command.

Which components are included in such a system depends on the respective manufacturer. However, important components here are the control panel, i.e. the smart home controller, door and window sensors, motion detectors, cameras and occasionally various other detectors.

Cameras: The watchful eyes

Cameras in particular have a very deterrent effect for burglars. This also significantly reduces the risk of burglary. If you have now also opted for a smart security system, you have the advantage that you can also control the camera while on the move. You can display a live image of your home directly on your smartphone. Since the data is usually stored in a cloud, you can also view the images again at a later time. Cameras that are to be installed outdoors are usually somewhat more expensive, as they must of course also be weatherproof.

Motion detectors and sensors are secret guards

Sensors play a very important role in burglary protection. They are always placed on the doors and, of course, on the windows. These sensors react immediately when an attempt is made to open doors and windows without authorization. Immediately, the sensors then sound the alarm.

Alarm systems: You have the choice!

Here, users can decide whether they would like to receive the alarm on their smartphone or whether an alarm siren should sound loudly. Basically, however, it is recommended to integrate an alarm siren into the digital alarm system. Despite the enormous progress in the digital field, it is unfortunately still not guaranteed that you really have a stable radio connection everywhere.

Dead zones are unfortunately still part of everyday life. Of course, it would be very bad to be in a dead zone when the alarm goes off at home and you don’t even notice it. An emergency call to the police is then not possible. An additional alarm siren also ensures that at least the neighborhood is alerted, which in turn then has the opportunity to inform the police.

What else needs to be considered?

If you decide to install a smart security system, it is essential to make sure that the system is equipped with both tamper protection and emergency power.

Unfortunately, there are still security systems for which it is perfectly sufficient to disconnect them from the power to completely disable them. If the power fails, all notification functions would immediately be disabled and accordingly there would be no more notification to the app. On top of that, all connected devices would also fail, of course, and their service would fail accordingly.

The same also applies to various sabotage actions, where many smart home systems quickly fail. You should definitely pay attention to this when buying such a system.

Basically, this also applies to safes that you want to buy, because there are many models in the hardware store that call themselves safes, but still do not deliver what they promise. It will definitely pay off to rely on quality here.