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Chris Gayle’s Partnership with 10CRIC

If you haven’t heard the news already; the legendary cricket player Chris Gayle has recently come into partnership with the online entertainment enterprise 10CRIC, and this is something that has a variety of interesting connotations.

Moreover, the reasons as to why this partnership has been created are actually a little interesting, and we just know some of you are going to be dying to find out what the infamous Chris Gayle has been up to these past few months.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Chris Gayle’s recent partnership with 10CRIC, as well as discussing what this new partnership could mean for the future. Let’s get straight into it.

Who Is Chris Gayle?

In the unlikely scenario that you do not know who Chirs Gayle is, let us give you the rundown. Chris Gayle is a notorious cricket player who has achieved more success in the sport than most other players combined, and he is one of the most talented players to ever hit the pitch. 

I mean, just take a look at Chris Gayle’s profile on any reputable sports site – some of the stats he boasts are incredibly impressive, and it comes as no surprise to find that he is a favourite of millions of cricket fans around the world. However, even though Chris is a bonafide legend in the sport of cricket, this is perhaps not what he is known the most for.

No, Chris Gayle is primarily known for his entertaining personality, and it is not uncommon to find him headlining news sites all across the world.

Either way; whether it be for his unmatched skill or his humorous character, Chris Gayle is one of the most legendary cricket players ever, and he is going to go down in the history books for more reasons than just one.

A Brief Introduction To 10CRIC

Now that we have taken a look at who Chris Gayle is as well as what he is famous for, we can now take a look at his sponsor; 10CRIC. This name may sound familiar to you if you happen to be well-versed in the sports betting industry, and in reality, there are going to be quite a few of you who already know who 10CRIC are.

10CRIC is a successful company that operates in the online sports betting circle, and they are particularly known for their world-class sports betting website and app that they offer. On top of this, they also happen to run a widely popular online casino in unison with their betting hub, and this aspect of this business happens to be just as successful as their sports betting side.

Perhaps the factor that 10CRIC are the most known for is the sheer number of betting options they offer. You can expect to find all of the most popular betting sports/events at 10CRIC, and to the liking of many, they also happen to offer a myriad of options that are not commonly seen on other betting websites/sites.

This is one of the main points that sets 10CRIC apart from most of their contemporaries, and it is one of the main draws that bring newcomers onto their site. If you are interested in betting yourself, then you can click this link to get taken to the 10CRIC website; bet online cricket with Chris Gale and 10CRIC.

Nevertheless; 10CRIC is one of the leading sports betting sites in the industry, and when it comes to successful brands in the sports sector, there are few that fit the bill better than 10CRIC. 

Why 10CRIC Decided To Partner With Chris

As you would expect from any lucrative sponsorship, there are a variety of reasons why both 10CRIC and Chris Gayle decided to go ahead with this deal.

On top of Chris just being one of the best cricket players of all time, the fact that he is featured frequently on media sites is going to play to 10CRIC’s favour quite substantially, and it is going to allow them to get much more publicity that they would have otherwise gotten if they decided to partner with a less interesting individual.

Of course, the fact that Chris Gayle will now be playing any upcoming games plastered in advertisements for 10CRIC is still going to be a major form of publicity, but when it comes to the overall outreach that Chris has, the most appealing form would be that of his frequent appearances on mainstream news.

More publicity is always a good thing for a company, and this is more so the case when you factor in that a widely-famous sports star is now going to be promoting a sports betting app/website – this is likely going to bring in a whole heap of more fans.

Although, 10CRIC are not the only ones who are going to benefit from this partnership. Chris Gayle has likely been more than compensated for his ongoing promotion of 10CRIC, and the revenue he is going to receive from such a deal is going to allow him to play even more into his over-the-top lifestyle.

This could lead to a profitable cycle whereby 10CRIC gives Chris Gayle the extra funds he needs to do a whole range of Chris Gayle things, and in turn, this would lead to even more publicity for 10CRIC due to the fact that Chris will be appearing in the news more often than he already is.

We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into the recent Chris Gayle/10CRIC partnership. This news is going to be incredibly exciting to sports fans all over the world, and we have no doubt that both 10CRIC and Chris Gayle are just as excited to be working with each other.

Hopefully, we will see more partnerships like this in the future – they are good for everyone involved as well as the sport as a whole. Catch you in the next one.