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Clwb Ysgol launches bilingual video series to help children get creative

An immersive video series introducing skills to young people through the medium of Welsh has been launched by ERW’s Clwb Ysgol, — providing an enjoyable respite from home-schooling for parents and children alike.

With schools closed, the bilingual Clwb Cartref masterclasses offer fun, educational activities for families, while providing a platform for independent talent whose regular roles may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tutorials — available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the ERW website — span a wide range of activities, from P.E. sessions taught by Sgiliau, the physical education organisation which usually holds sessions in schools across West Wales, to music lessons from Bronwen Lewis, a singer-songwriter known for her appearance on BBC’s The Voice.

For those looking to develop their Welsh language skills even further, another of Clwb Ysgol’s recent projects, Cymraeg Mewn Mis(‘Welsh in a Month’ in English), has proven popular among families who want to learn Welsh, in line with the national increase in people taking up a new language during the coronavirus pandemic.

The project encourages children to teach Welsh to their parents using downloadable, easy-to-follow resources which cover a range of day-to-day activities, including writing a shopping list and choosing a TV programme. The resources can also be used by parents to help keep on top of their children’s Welsh language skills whilst home-schooling – particularly in households where Welsh isn’t the first language.

Mark Clarke, a father-of-three living in Carmarthenshire who tried Cymraeg Mewn Mis with his daughter, Erin, said: “At the beginning of the month, I had very little knowledge of the Welsh language having moved with my family from England just a few years ago. My daughter has thrived at her Welsh-medium primary school, so I too was determined to play my part.

“Using the Cymraeg Mewn Mis resources, I succeeded in learning lots of useful words and phrases, all while going about daily activities. The challenge has really given me the confidence I needed to start speaking Welsh and has proven that contributing even a small amount to a conversation can help build your vocabulary. Having such a patient teacher helps, too!”

Catrin Phillips, Project Co-ordinator for ERW said: “Here at ERW, we recognise that this is a particularly difficult time for everyone as we adapt to new routines and ways of life.

“This is why resources such as Clwb Cartref and Cymraeg Mewn Mis are key to giving families the motivation they need to keep learning and developing their Welsh language skills away from the classroom. In fact, there may never have been a better time to do so!”