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Considerations When Choosing A Welsh Security System Installer

Are you in need of building security in Wales? You’ll need to choose the right security system installer. Read on to determine what you need to consider when selecting an installer.

67% of burglaries can be prevented by installing security cameras on the premises. Your building needs to be equipped with security features to deter thieves and provide evidence should there be a security breach.

So, how should you go about choosing a security system installer in Wales?

Read on for information on choosing the right security installer and the security features that modern buildings need.

How To Assess Your Building’s Security Installation Needs

When planning your Welsh building’s security, there are specific assessments that you must make to identify where you place your video security, how many cameras are necessary, and any additional security needs you should invest in.

Some of the assessments you will need to make are:

  • Whether you will position the cameras inside or outside.
  • The amount of space you would like your cameras to cover.
  • Whether your cameras will be running at all hours or only during closing hours.
  • Whether you would like audio.
  • If you would like your cameras to be hidden or to be on show.
  • If you would benefit from a video management system.
  • What your additional security needs are, such as access control.
  • The need to hire a professional based on your project scope.

If you can use these points to guide your security planning process, you should have a clear direction for your security installation needs. 

Choosing Your Installation Provider

If you have determined the need to hire a professional to install your security system and cameras, you should start looking for an installation provider. When selecting your installation professional, you need to ensure they can assess your security needs and install your security features in line with the risks they have identified according to your insurance provider’s standards.

If you have chosen to install a security camera system yourself because you only need a couple for your property, be sure to look at the installation manuals of your device. The installation manuals will provide you with information on the different ways you can mount your cameras and how to wire your cameras using an ethernet cable. For projects that require a large amount of security cameras, we recommend going with a professional installer.

You will also need to determine how your system will be wired, whether you can connect your cameras and access readers to an ethernet cable, or whether you would benefit from a wireless system using your building’s wifi.

Should You Choose A Cloud-Based Security System?

You have three options for how your software operates:

  • A cloud-based system – This will allow you to easily update your software and reduce the need for maintenance. You will also be able to access your security data remotely for those with authorised access. 
  • An on-premise system – An on-premise system does not require an internet connection to access security data. You will need to provide maintenance for your on-premise system.
  • A hybrid system – This option allows you to access data remotely and without internet access. However, you will need to provide both maintenance and cybersecurity software to sustain both types of servers.

What Are Your Security Requirements?

If you want to streamline your security planning, invest in an integrated security system that provides coverage to restrict entry and log visitor data. Your integrated security system can house multiple security features.

Access Control 

Restricting access to your building is one of the key reasons for setting up a security strategy. You can install an access control system that will be the foundation for other security features. Touchless access control provides security without inconveniencing building occupants, as they do not have to reach in their pocket to enter the building. The access information is supplied via Bluetooth.

Visitor Management 

Having a record of visitors in your building is beneficial for resolving security concerns  and performing evacuation procedures. If you can view your access data, you will know the names and the exact number of people inside your building. You can integrate this function with your door lock system.

Security Cameras

If you integrate your security cameras with your door lock system, you will be able to view the camera feed alongside access logs on one interface. This function is vital as it allows you to resolve incidents of misappropriated access correctly.


When installing security in your building, you need to know how you would like it set up. You will need to know if your camera locations support a wired connection and whether you would like a cloud-based system that facilitates integrated security features.

Opting for a cloud-based system will allow you to create an integrated security system with access control, streamlining your security planning process.