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Council acts on diverse public wishes to consider future use of coastal sites

Swansea Council is to consider a wide variety of public ideas on how several plots of council-owned land should be best used in future.

An extensive range of opinions was expressed by hundreds of people and organisations that responded to a council consultation exercise in summer 2019.

Last week, the council’s ruling cabinet considered the varied views and discussed a process to further consider the future use of the locations.

The sites are: Land on the Mumbles side of the West Cross Inn; Land around the skate ramp, West Cross; Blackpill Lido; Sketty Lane car park. Also included is the part of the Langland tennis courts still managed by Swansea Council.

Robert Francis-Davies, the council’s cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “I’m really pleased in the level of interest in the future of these sites; some could provide a significant long-term boost to the community’s free time opportunities and the area’s tourism offer.

“Developers want to commercially develop them if the planning process would allow; the public acknowledge the potential for some sensitive development at some sites – and residents and visitors continually tell us they would like more cafes, restaurants and other facilities along the prom.

“Most public responses appear to be against large-scale commercial development and expressed a desire for improvements to existing facilities. Keeping views of Mumbles from the main road and as much open space as possible also appeared to be of a high priority.”

The cabinet agreed to take these courses of action:

  • Land on the Mumbles side of the West Cross Inn – development no longer considered.
  • Land around the skate ramp, West Cross – a new skate park proposed by Mumbles Community Council is supported by some in the community council area; further due diligence and consideration of alternative locations should be undertaken by the community council.
  • Blackpill Lido – investigate further, looking at potential design briefs.
  • Sketty Lane car park – investigate further, looking at potential design briefs.
  • The Langland tennis courts still managed by Swansea Council – advertise as to let on a long lease, with any developer providing commercial, leisure and public toilet facilities.

Cllr Francis-Davies said: “No decisions have yet been made on the four remaining locations and further investigation is needed to see if private development can both improve services and raise income whilst being as sympathetic to the natural environment as possible.

“Any development will be subject to further consideration, due diligence and the planning process.

“We only want ideas that are sympathetic to the bay and our wonderful natural environment, there will be no over-development or high-rise. We want to enhance what we already have, not spoil it.”