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Double hung windows

The first thing that must be mentioned is that double-hung windows are extremely popular nowadays. They are diverse, energy-efficient, and simply nice-looking. Such units differ from the usual ones only in the way of opening. It is similar to how a compartment door opens – moving on rollers. The sash moves in the same way, not along a horizontal rail, but along a vertical one.

Windows double hung are similar to single-hung ones, but there are still some differences. So, let’s try to figure everything out.

The differences

Double hung vs single hung window: what solution is a better one? In fact, both are energy efficient, beautiful, and convenient. The only difference is that with single-hung, only one part moves. Speaking about all the other characteristics, they are similar: such units are easy to clean and maintain, they are perfect for ventilation, and do not occupy the extra place.

The advantages

So, you already know what is double hung window. But why do people like them so much and choose them frequently? There are many advantages such products possess. Those are the following:

Such a construction has many advantages, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. Let’s consider the main ones:

  • Great look and usability. This type of opening gives the room spaciousness, moreover, it does not require physical effort.
  • Saving space. Open windows do not interfere with placing flower pots on the windowsill and do not clutter up space in the room, which allows you to put pieces of furniture near the window.
  • Thermal insulation without additional measures taken. Such units have a wide multi-chamber EnergyCore profile, filled with extruded foam insulation, which creates the effect of a tightly closed window without blowing.
  • Unlimited color options and energy efficiency. With such windows, your bills will grow smaller month by month.
  • They are suitable not only for small window openings but also for wide ones. Individually selected, compensating mechanisms that help to open the sashes will allow you to use them with pleasant ease.
  • The sashes cannot only move vertically but also, if necessary, tilt to a horizontal position, as well as completely remove from the opening, which gives another advantage in their operation and increases the possibilities of design solutions.
  • The multifunctionality of the possibilities of opening makes it possible to easily maintain and wash them.

Double hung windows have been widely popular in the UK and the USA for more than 400 years. Besides, they are increasingly becoming popular around the globe. There is nothing surprising in such a rapidly growing popularity because they not only have a number of unique household advantages but always look stylish and original in any interior.

The construction is not afraid of the wind and cannot open on its own, which allows you to ventilate the room in any weather. The design features also reliably protect the house from burglary since you can open the window only from the inside.

The manufacture is a delicate and complex process where it is easy to make mistakes without proper experience. So, if considering double hung windows vs single hung, contact professionals who will help you with it.