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Drivers Encouraged to Make Vehicle Checks as Lock-down Eases

With restrictions tentatively easing up and life returning to some kind of normality, people will be starting to use their cars more often whether this is driving to and from work, going to the gym, socialising, shopping and/or recreation. While it is fantastic that people are able to start doing these things once again, it is important to know that it is recommended that you check your vehicle over particularly if it has been sat unused for long periods of time.

Why Car’s Need Checking Over

With many people practically housebound for over a year, vehicle upkeep and maintenance is likely to have taken a backseat and cars can become damaged when left unused for too long. The Government has offered useful advice on how to check that your car is safe to drive if you are taking to the road for the first time in a while, so read on to find out what you need to do.

Check the Fluids

First, you should use the dipstick to check the engine oil and to top up if necessary. You should also check the levels of the car’s various other fluids, including coolant, screenwash, brake fluid and your fuel levels.

Lights & Electronics

Before setting off on your first trip in a while, you should also take the time to check that all of the lights and electronics work as they should. You do not want to discover that a key feature like your indicators do not work once you have left the home, so always check these before setting off.

Check the Tyres

Tyres are a feature that can suffer if left unused for too long. This is why you need to check the tyre pressure before leaving the home and to top up if necessary. You should also check the tyre tread depth – although this should not have changed, it is important that you have at least the legal 1.6mm depth and ideally something more like 3mm (you can be fined a whopping £2,500 per tyre if below the legal limit, so this is certainly something that you will want to avoid coming out of lockdown). If your tyres are damaged or worn, you can buy tyres online and replace them at home.

Taxed, Insured & MOT

It is also important to check that your car is taxed, insured and has a valid MOT certificate before taking to the roads. Keep in mind that the MOT extension has now ended, so you will need to arrange an MOT if it has run out.

These are the main checks that a motorist should be making before getting back to their usual driving habits. It is fantastic that people have more freedom once again, but it is important to check that your car is in a good condition before setting off especially if it has not been used lately.