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Easy Changes We Can Make To Our Daily Routine To Reduce Stress

When we find ourselves in a stressful routine, it can be very difficult to see a way out. By the time that we have noticed that we should probably make some changes, those bad habits have become fully ingrained. It can be particularly tough to see a way towards making positive changes at this time of year. We all know the feeling of just trying to get through the cold, dark winter days until the holiday break, and then it’s January before we know it and we are just trying to get through to spring.

The important thing to remember is that big changes can start with small steps. There are very few things out there which can make you feel more rested, more relaxed, and more focused overnight (we suspect that even winning the lottery would come with its own difficulties, although we are willing to volunteer to test that theory). If you feel like the last couple of years have ground you down and you want to get back to feeling more like yourself, here are a few changes that we can all make to take control of our days back and feel more like yourself.

Take Sleep More Seriously

Let’s start with one of the simplest but one of the most important. How many of us have complained about how badly we have been sleeping over the last couple of years? There were a rash of reports about how the pandemic affected our sleep patterns, but now that things are getting back to something approaching normal, it is time to think about how you can start to feel better rested in the morning. There are a few simple changes that you can make to your routine that should make a difference.

Cutting down on caffeinated beverages should make a difference and try to avoid drinking alcohol before you go to bed. Alcohol can make you feel sleepier, but it actually disturbs your sleep and leave you feeling like you have barely rested at all. Experts also recommend that you try to avoid using any of your screens at least an hour before bedtime, so leave your phones and tablets out of the bedroom if you can help it. If you are finding it hard to drift off, then why not look at meditation or calming apps to help you settle down when you get into bed?

Finally, you may want to think about your bed set-up. Some people find that a weighted blanket can really help them feel more comfortable and settled, and you should also think about buying some new pillows that give you proper neck support.

Look For Natural Remedies

Finding natural remedies that do what they claim to do can be an uphill struggle. We all know how many different options there are out there, and they all make bold statements about how they are the ones to have finally figured out the answer to whatever specific issue that you are dealing with. If you want to find something that genuinely works for you, then you are going to have to do some research of your own to find a supplier that you can trust.

For example, one of the most popular natural alternatives out there right now is CBD oil. It can be used to help alleviate symptoms of a wide range of different health issues, and the studies investigating its benefits continue to find new uses. However, there are many different manufacturers out there and you should look for a company that can provide a detailed breakdown of where their ingredients come from and what sort of dosage you should be looking for. For anyone who has been searching “buy CBD oil UK”, take a look at The Good Level. They are a UK-based operation which uses UK-grown ingredients, and they understand how hard it can be to find a solution that works. Their website offers details about all of their products and what sort of dosages you should be looking at.

A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way

We all know that exercise can help us to work out some of the stress and frustration of a difficult day. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to get in the run or the workout that we would like. This is particularly true in the winter, when many of us are stuck working as those precious few hours of daylight tick by. If you feel like you are struggling to get out of the house for some exercise, it is time to sit down with your schedule and see where you can fit some pockets of fresh air time in.

Could you set your alarm an hour or two earlier and get a run in before work? If you are going into the office to work, think about cycling or jogging there instead of driving or using public transport. If you do find that your lunch break is the only time you get for some fresh air in daylight, do not spend it sitting eating a sandwich at your desk. You could also think about signing up with a local exercise group to stay connected with people and give yourself a target. Speaking of targets, setting yourself some realistic goals can be a great way to give yourself some milestones without putting too much pressure on yourself. Remember that the mental health benefits of exercise are just as important as the physical ones, so try and think of ways that you can make it fun.

Schedule Regular Check-In Times To Keep Talking

One of the most important ways that you can look after yourself and manage your stress load is to make sure that you are not isolating yourself. Feeling like you need to keep your head down and carry absolutely everything is very common when you start feeling overwhelmed. You can start to feel as though you should not bother other people with your problems, but when you start doing that, it can be a slippery slope towards not talking to anybody at all. If you are someone who knows that they can start to hermit when they are having a hard time, creating a schedule for getting in touch with friends and family can be really helpful. It does not have to be as serious as saying that you need a phone call to talk about how hard things are at the moment.

Something as simple as going out for a drink and a catch-up can be hugely beneficial and can remind you that there is more going on than the issues that are currently keeping you up at night. You only need to glance at the reports relating to mental health over the last couple of years to see that you are far from alone in feeling stressed and worn out, and the people you reach out to may be just as anxious to enjoy some time in friendly company as you are. If you do feel like the stress is reaching unmanageable levels, then you should consider talking to your doctor or a therapist. There are a range of different options available and sometimes talking to someone outside your social circle can really help.