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Exceptional growth leads to further expansion at Wagonex

Leading vehicle subscription venture, Wagonex, has made two senior appointments to its product team after sustained growth year-on-year.

Wagonex, a platform for car subscriptions, recently added two new members to its product development team. Joel Livermore will serve as Head of Product, while Claude Compere will take on the role of Lead Software Engineer.

Joel is head of the product team at Wagonex and has six years of experience in developing products for various sectors, such as consumer, financial, and real estate. He is currently leading the development of Wagonex’s next generation car subscription platform and has created a product strategy and roadmap to ensure its excellence. Previously, Joel worked at Rolls-Royce, as a continuous improvement engineer where he undertook various improvement projects focusing on product quality, cost and delivery. More recently, Joel worked for office design firm, Kitt, where he was responsible for the delivery of its product strategy.

On his appointment as Product Lead, Joel said: “The vehicle subscription model has huge potential, with customer demands shifting away from an economy of ownership to an economy of access. It’s a fast-growing market for both consumers and the automotive industry; I’m excited for the opportunity to maximise the potential of this market through the Wagonex Platform.

“Building on my previous experience launching innovative consumer products in the mobility space, and working with businesses through their journey from startup to scale-up, I look forward to delivering the leading Product in this industry through an ambitious product roadmap.”

Alongside Joel, Claude Compere also joins the product team as Lead Developer. A graphic designer turned developer, Claude has over 13 years of experience across the finance, FinTech and Higher Education sectors, where he has specialised in software development.

Claude said of his new role: “As the world gets more and more used to the subscription model it feels like a natural progression that the automotive sector moves in the same direction. That’s why it’s an exciting time to join Wagonex and taking the role of the first internal technical hire tasked with building and leading the development team, helping to deliver the infrastructure that will drive the subscription market.”

Wagonex was the UK’s first car subscription service when it launched in 2016. In 2022, it announced a strategic investment from Admiral which will support the company’s growth plans and strengthen its vision to become a key player in a global sector, forecast to be worth $30bn by 2030.

Toby Kernon, CEO and the Founder of Wagonex said: “We are excited to announce that Joel and Claude have joined our team to enhance our car subscription service for our customers. They have worked together to automate development processes, such as a platform for internal teams to request changes based on customer and partner feedback. Already they have improved the software and the product development lifecycle at Wagonex, and successfully launched a subscription product in our first international market.

“We continue to be one of the most ambitious and active car subscription services in the UK and beyond, and as part of this, it’s imperative that we have a product team that is continuously improving and enhancing our offering. The sector is fast-growing and we can’t afford to rest on our laurels if we want to build on our strong UK position, as well as play a leading role in this rapidly expanding market which is changing how the world drives and owns vehicles.”