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Few Very Cheap Cryptocurrencies that Anyone Can Buy

This sounds incredibly exciting, doesn’t it? However, do remember that the digital currency market thrives on volatility! Therefore, the same cryptos may go up a few dollars in the future. Regardless, you may safely invest in the following cryptocurrencies for now. All that you need to pay is $1 for each, or maybe, even less. Some of these cryptocurrencies are available for a few cents, currently! If you are looking for more information about crypto you need to know you can also shop with bitcoin


It refers to the crypto.com coin/token, a native of the crypto.com cryptocurrency exchange. According to the experts, it ranks 16th by the market cap. Regardless, CRO offers several advantages to investors.

To begin with, you may have the crypto.com Visa card in hand. Take note of the card tier that is yours – high, moderate, or low. Whenever you use it, you will receive cashback in the range of 1% to 8%.

Similarly, Crypto Earn permits you to gain interest in assets. It does not matter what kind of assets you own. Two factors govern this interest scheme. They include the amount of CRO that you have staked, and the term of the stake (1 month, 3 months, flexible). Staking takes place in the cryptocurrency exchange. To illustrate, let us suppose you have staked 10,000 CRO for 180 days. Every day, your account receives a P.A. reward. It is to the tune of 10%.

Staking enables you to attend Syndicate Events. Here, you may purchase crypto assets at 50% discount. Finally, you may use CRO for all your trading payments.


VET stands for VeChain. As the name suggests, it vets every physical item that passes through an entire supply chain.

It aims to enhance transparency in operations concerning the sourcing of products and their movements towards their respective destinations. Towards this end, VeChain utilizes physical hardware (connected to the goods) and blockchain technology.

There is a consensus mechanism regarding proof of authority, in place. It enables stakeholders in VET to have access to rewards. These rewards come in the form of VeThor tokens or VTHO. It grants the power for processes and calculations taking place on the blockchain.

According to the market cap, it ranks 34th.


Another name for this multi-currency backend payment network is stellar. Stellar refers to a blockchain protocol. The tokens that promote stellar, are lumens. Lumens (XLM), in turn, are tokens that take charge of processing the blockchain’s transactions.

The advantages here, are low fees, and the magnificent performance of transactions. You may engage in micropayments, thanks to the affordability of transactions.

The market cap awards it a rank of 20. You may expect to receive an annual 1% reward in the name of an inflation pool. The idea is to hedge the value of inflation to the assets.

Stellar’s future includes targeting individuals majorly and enhancing developer engagement.


It refers to an ERC-20 token, Shiba Inu. The developers are keen to make this a meme coin, which possesses some utility. Therefore, they are keen to develop a DeFi platform called ShibaSwap, for this asset. The platform will enable stakeholders to do earn and stake assets connected to SHIB.

SHIB is not technically sound. However, it has the advantage of excellent community support. Therefore, investors may access it easily.

The market cap puts the token at 13 in ranking. SHIB is strongly in competition with Dogecoin.


It is part of a public network titled Hedera. This network uses Hashgraph, a novel distributed ledger technology (DLT). In other words, the network stores information in hashes, and not in blocks. Regardless, the functioning is akin to a blockchain. Hashgraph verifies monetary transactions via a gossip protocol and virtual voting.

HBAR also refers to the native digital currency of the network. Highly energy-efficient, it currently offers a supply of around 50 billion. Digital currency comes into play for compensating network nodes during transactions. Activities, such as computing, storage, and bandwidth, take place at such times.

The market cap ranks Hedera as 38.

Hedera utilizes the proof-of-stake consensus to protect the network. Therefore, if someone wants to create chaos in the consensus, he/she must have ownership of at least 1/3rd of the total supply of HBAR. This is an impossible task, even in the next few years. Therefore, HBAR is safe. It also proves useful for weighted voting.