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FIM Speedway GP set to return to Cardiff next week

Speedway Grand Prix

FIM Speedway race director Phil Morris says the sport’s big-stadium events bring something special to the calendar with the FIM Speedway GP of Great Britain – Cardiff just a week away on September 2.

The proud Welshman – an ex-Newport Wasps rider who lives in Cwmbran – is delighted to play his part in a huge night of racing as 16 of the sport’s biggest stars battle it out under the iconic Principality Stadium roof.

While the Speedway GP calendar features 10 different venues across eight different countries, the Cardiff event is one of the jewels in the sport’s crown along with the Orlen FIM Speedway GP of Poland – Warsaw at PGE Narodowy.

 With its electrifying atmosphere as 500cc bikes with no brakes accelerate off the line faster than a Formula 1 car, the FIM British Speedway GP has established itself as Britain’s biggest indoor motorsport event.

And with the racing taking place in his native South Wales, Morris is excited to be part of the action again and showcase Speedway GP on one of European sport’s grandest stages.

Phil Morris

He said:

“Being a Welshman myself and having this kind of event in the Principality Stadium is special.

“I’m a regular there for the rugby, football and concerts; it’s just great that we go there for the speedway.

“There is a cosmopolitan crowd of fans from around the world and just an amazing atmosphere for everybody.

“I really respect the smaller stadiums and the club stadiums we have in the world but when it comes to the tracks in stadiums like this, there is something special about it. It really is big time.

“It’s very good for the fans and it’s good for the riders and their sponsors to show themselves in venues such as the Principality Stadium. It’s always a pleasure to come back.”

 The 273-metre Cardiff track truly offers the Speedway GP riders a technical test and Morris looks forward to seeing them rise to the challenge once again.

He said:

“Generally, it is a smaller track than most riders will be used to, especially in European leagues like Poland and Sweden. It is much tighter, but it is a very fast track.

“I think every rider has their own little ways of dealing with it in terms of what they do with the bikes. A few have their little tricks, which I will not divulge because that’s not my job. But I am aware some riders will do different things with their bikes or pull out a specific engine just for Cardiff and Warsaw.

“It’s a bit of a different beast compared to a normal league track, and of course it changes every year as well.

“A different winner and a different way it rides each year. Sometimes it can ride around the inside and sometimes it’s around the outside, sometimes tracks can be patchier than others. We are aware of that. It is a difficult thing for a team to work out. That’s why Qualifying Practice is very important.”

 The FIM British Speedway GP is so much more than 23-heats of full-throttle World Championship action as the entertainment starts long before the racing with an action-packed fanzone on Cardiff’s City Hall Lawn, where visitors can catch up with speedway supporters from all over the world.

 Morris is confident new fans will be hooked if they experience the Cardiff event for the first time on September 2.

He said:

“It’s a fantastic family sport and I know that from my own heart and background as a former rider. Once the sport is in your blood, it is very difficult to get out of it. It’s a sport that people need to see.

“I invited some friends last year who didn’t know the sport at all.

“I know we had a difficult event last year and I am not going to hide from that, but they had a great time, enjoyed it and they’re coming back.

“Hopefully we can have a fantastic event this year, with some great racing, get the fans back on board and let’s go forward.”

Tickets for the FIM Speedway GP of Great Britain – Cardiff are on sale at:


Tickets start from just £20, with concessions available.