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First ever Welsh-language wellbeing app launches

Hot off the success of de-stress apps Headspace and Calm, Swansea’s Welsh Language Initiative is producing a new wellbeing app delivered entirely in Welsh– the first of its kind.

As society sees a rise in focus on wellbeing and mental health awareness, apps delivering calming techniques and messages at times of stress have become increasingly popular.

Following a recent study, Menter Iaith Abertawe identified the need for a wellbeing app to be created in the Welsh language.

Using funding from the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 Grant, the app called ‘Cwtsh’, works to guide users through three basic meditation sessions (morning, during the day and evening) in Welsh.

The app launched on 27thApril, a day after demoing at Pioneering Wales: Cymraeg 2050 Technology, which was attended by the Minister for the Welsh Language and Lifelong learning Eluned Morgan

In addition to its meditation guides, Cwtsh will also feature a national directory from meditation sessions and Tai Chi, to yoga classes in the Welsh language.

The app has been curated by Carmarthen-based yoga and meditation teacher Laura Karadog, as well as featuring bespoke music from DnA – a traditional folk mother and daughter duo.

Project leader Eleri Griffiths comments,

“There are many meditation and wellness apps available in English, but we believe this is the first of its kind in Welsh.

“It’s been found that meditating in your first language has a much stronger effect on the mind, so we felt it was important to create an app that made meditation available to Welsh speakers.

“We’re also hoping that this app will encourage more people to teach meditation and yoga classes in Welsh, and help people to realise that there are plenty of opportunities to use the language in all aspects of their lives.”

This project has been made possible thanks to the help of the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 Grant contribution of £20,000.

The Cymraeg 2050 Grant is a key element of the Welsh language strategy, Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers. It’s provided funds to innovative, short-term projects which aim to increase people’s daily use of the language and to promote technology which supports the use of Welsh.

Minister for the Welsh Language and Lifelong learning Eluned Morgan commented,

“With a real emphasis being seen on wellbeing and good mental health, the introduction of an app like this in Welsh is so important for Welsh speakers and learners who can now benefit from meditation in their own language.

”It’s a really important opportunity to be able to encourage the use and development of the Welsh language for all corners of people’s lives.”

With a total of £425,000 awarded across 26 innovative projects, other key funding includes projects from the Welsh Rugby Union, RNIB and the National Trust.