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Flags to be flown to celebrate Emergency Services Day and Merchant Navy Day


Denbighshire County Council will pay tribute to emergency service workers and those who have served in the Merchant Navy.

The Council has commissioned a special flag for Emergency Services Day on September 9 to recognise and support emergency service personnel and their immense contribution to society by providing a safe and supported environment for us all.

And on September 3, Merchant Navy Day, the Council flag will be replaced with the Red Ensign flag to show support for the seafarers on which the UK so heavily depends.

Cllr Alan James, Chair of Denbighshire County Council, said: “As a Council we are proud to be able to show our support for Emergency Services Day and Merchant Navy Day.

“We would like to thank our emergency services personnel for the dedicated service they provide to us on a daily basis.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, the emergency services have shown us once again what a vital service they provide to the public on a daily basis. We would like to thank them all for their dedication all year round.”

The flag will fly at County Hall, Ruthin, on Wednesday, September 9 and will mark the contribution of the 999 services.

The Red Ensign, or Red Duster as it is a known, has been the recognised flag of the British Merchant Navy since 1854.

Cllr James added: “Flying the Red Ensign is in recognition of the individuals who served in the Merchant Navy during both World Wars. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the role of a fleet which works in such difficult and perilous conditions, with extended periods of duty and the long separation from family and friends.

“By supporting Merchant Navy Day we are proudly remembering those who have served, and those that continue to do so, as well as celebrating a vital part of our economic future.”