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Fun, Easy Things You Can Do While Taking a ‘Study Break’

Taking a study break once in a while is really important if you wish to increase productivity. In fact, every 2 hours the brain needs to rest for a while before continuing on with focusing on the difficult task of studying.

In order to return to your studies feeling refreshed, there are certain activities, you could consider, that are proven to help students of every age relax and feel ready to restart studying afterward.

So, what are some fun and easy things to do while taking a study break?

Go on a walk outside

Getting some fresh air outside is the ideal way for your brain to relax and for your energy to increase considerably. Walking reduces anxiety, fights off stress and has some major benefits to your body, apart from your mind, as well. If you study for a longer period of time and wish to have a bigger break, prefer to go walking somewhere with nature; the local park or grove are excellent places for a study break. If you wish, you can also, take your lunchbox or a snack along and taste it on your way to the park.

Play a game or two

It is true that most of us are quite addicted to online games, and for good reason. They are a fun and easy activity that usually requires almost none brain effort or focus. Spending some of your study break time for a quick round of poker or slot online can make you feel more content and ready to continue on with your studies afterward. In every case, do not exceed the desirable amount of time you wish to spend on your break because that will have the opposite effect; you will find difficulty in focusing on your studies.

Have a brief nap

The best length of time for a brief nap is usually 15-20 minutes. This duration of time is perfect in order to wake up feeling more energetic and able to focus on your tasks. Having a nap after some hours of hard studying is a productive way of spending your break, since it will help you relax your mind and body, as well. In each case, do not oversleep, because you will wake up feeling unfocused and groggy. Setting an alarm just before you sleep is the key to getting the best out of sleeping!

Watch some funny videos

When you spend some time trying to focus on learning new things, it is vital that you take a break and relax a bit as much as you can once in a while. As we all know, laughter is an inseparable part of every healthy lifestyle. Laughing is not only good for your mental health, but it is a great ally in fighting off health conditions, including depression. Watching some funny videos on the internet or the funniest parts of your favourite series is the perfect way to forget about studying for a while and do something entertaining.

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Study breaks can sometimes be more important than studying itself. During those breaks, you give your brain the necessary time to absorb the newly acquired knowledge and refill its ability to focus. Short and regular breaks are really important and you should not jump over them even if you are bursting with studying.