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Getting Facts Straight: An In-Depth Look at Straight Teeth Direct

Orthodontic treatment using the technology of clear aligners is a rapidly developing part of the general orthodontic treatment market. This is according to academics who have recently written on the subject. The market has been fueled by two major contributing factors. Firstly the increase in demand for teeth straightening amongst adults and secondly the growing increase in the aesthetics of orthodontic treatment. Adults prefer a less noticeable and more subtle form of orthodontic treatment which clear aligners provide. There are also other options which provide aesthetic solutions to skew teeth in a fast and unnoticeable manner but they do not address the core issue which clear aligners can. Braces have become more subtle thanks to the development of ceramic technologies however they are still far more noticeable than clear aligners. 

There are plenty of companies which offer a clear aligner service on the market and it can be difficult to decide which option is best for an individual. This article will break down Straight Teeth Direct and provide some direction as to whether it is the best option available for the individual. For additional information consider this review of Straight Teeth Direct. 

In-Depth Look at Straight Teeth Direct

Straight Teeth Direct provides its customers with a straightforward manner of treatment. The treatment begins with an in-person scan at their physical location in London or at-home with an impression kit. The choice is left up to the individual to decide. The team at the company will then create a plan for treatment which is specifically tailored toward the individual’s particular orthodontic needs. They will even send a preview of what the teeth will look like after the treatment period. If the customer approves the plan, the company will produce the aligners and deliver them to the customers front door. It then takes between 6 and 9 months for the treatment process to run its course and straighten the teeth. 

Straight Teeth Direct started as a traditional orthodontic practice in the year 2009. They have subsequently shifted their focus to deliver at home treatment in the form of clear aligners. The way that the company was started has affected the care which they provide. The care is attentive in every way and they also offer a high level of customer service. This also extends to the entire service which they provide which is of a high quality at a reasonable price point. Although, they are only the second most affordable clear aligner option in the UK, the value which they offer is excellent. The app which Smile Direct Club has created is convenient for its customers and this helps streamline the treatment process. They also offer their customers a robust guarantee on the outcome of their teeth straightening treatment. These features have generated a great deal of positive reviews with some claiming the company is the best in the UK for clear aligner products. 

Any individual who decides to use clear aligners will need to spend over 22 hours a day every day wearing their aligners. Straight Teeth Direct produces all of the aligners which they offer in house which gives them a great deal of control over their product and the quality of their aligners in general. The company also produces their aligners in the UK so this means that clients will not need to be concerned about shipping delaying their treatment. Like all clear aligner manufacturers, Straight Teeth Direct produces their aligners from plastic which is free from BPA. The aligners which they produce are both durable and have a high build quality which ensures a pleasant and pain free treatment experience. 

Final Thoughts 

The team at Straight Teeth Direct has worked hard to produce top-notch products for their customers. The aligners are produced in house in the UK which allows the company to exercise complete control over the production process and produce a high quality product. This product is durable and well-liked by the customers who have already used the company to straighten their teeth. The production taking place in the UK also reduced the delays in shipping so that customers can begin their treatment without having to wait for international shipping delays.