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Gull saved after getting caught between fences in Bridgend

A young gull has been rescued after becoming stuck in a tiny, narrow gap between two fences in Bridgend.

Heart-warming video footage captures the moments the gull was rescued from the gap, and safely returned to the air from a nearby rooftop.

Rescuers from the RSPCA were notified after the distressed gull was spotted stuck in the gap at the Greenwood Close property on Monday 8 June.

The tiny gap was approximately 12 inches (30cm) wide and far too small for the gull to attempt to take off.

An RSPCA inspector was able to safely confine the gull in a net; giving him a thorough check over before safely releasing the bird back to the wild.

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: “We assume this poor gull slipped and fell into this tiny gap.

“This gull was completely stuck between the two fences. He had no room to take off, or escape – and was in an increasingly desperate situation.

“Fortunately, this lucky bird was overheard by a local resident, who got in touch with us.

“I was able to safely contain the gull in a net, before returning him to the wild from a nearby rooftop.

“Had the kind-hearted member of the public not overheard the gull and called us, it could have been a horrible situation for this poor bird.

“Our officers remain on the frontline during the coronavirus crisis – coming to the aid of animals in emergency situations, like this stranded gull. Should you wish to help us through these unprecedented times, you can support the RSPCA online.”

Lynne Edmunds, who heard the trapped gull and contacted the RSPCA said: “I could hear crying noises, and initially we didn’t think anything of it – but they continued. My daughter Rhiannon climbed a ladder to look into a gap between two fences, just outside of our garden, and saw this small gull stuck in a very small gap – and the poor bird was crying and clearly distressed.

“We called the RSPCA – and Inspector Hogben was so friendly and explained exactly what he was doing throughout to help the bird.

“The bird was eventually released from our garage roof – and we all watched him fly off together. It cheered us up no end with everything that has been going on of late, and we’re so pleased it was a happy ending.”