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Honest at Home kit from Honest Burgers

'Honest at Home' burger kits

Last year, the Honest Burgers restaurant arrived in Cardiff, opening its doors to the public on Church Street.

Like many other businesses, they’ve been running a limited collection and delivery menu during lockdown, allowing you to get your hands on your favourite burgers.

If you’ve not heard of Honest Burgers before now, then where have you been? Known for their Great British burgers, which they make in their own butchery, each restaurant brings with it its own special something. Cardiff for example, has its own special burger with a combination of Honest beef, candied bacon, Hafod organic cheddar, Cwtch leeks, mustard mayo, lamb’s lettuce and pickles – the burgers are fantastic by the way!

This week, the team at Honest Burgers has gone one step further and launched its ‘Honest at Home’ kits, allowing you to re-create your favourite meal at home. Now, I should point out, this isn’t a takeaway and it doesn’t come pre-cooked or anything like that, you have to do that bit yourselves.

Photo credit: Rhys Gregory

The kits were first available in a limited number during lockdown as part of Honest Burgers’ extensive charity and fundraising work, when 1000 burgers were sold with all funds split equally between charities Honest felt were in particular need through the peak of the pandemic crisis: Landworkers Alliance, Hospitality Action and Trussell Trust. It was an initiative that raised nearly £9,000, alongside over 8000 meals that Honest made and then donated to local food banks and hospitals.

So, let’s get down to it, what’s included, what is it like, how much does it cost and how can I buy one…

What’s included in the kit

Each Honest at Home kit comes with everything you need to make four Honest Burgers at home.

  • 4x chopped British chuck steak and rib cap patties from the Honest Butchery
  • 4x British Cheddar slices
  • 4x dry cured smoked bacon rashers
  • 4x Burger buns from Honest’s friends at The Bread Factory (gluten free also available)
  • Honest Kitchen red onion relish
  • Honest Kitchen pickles
  • Honest rosemary salt
  • An Honest tote bag

All you need to do is add your own lettuce and chips, using the rosemary salt to finish them off.

Photo credit: Rhys Gregory

The verdict

To create a signature Honest Burger, it isn’t as easy at it looks. Luckily, you get some nifty instructions to guide you along the way.

The trick we found was adapting the instructions that they give you to suit your own preferences and appliances at home, although we did stick pretty close to it.

The burgers cooked well and the smoked bacon was absolutely delicious! The pickles of which there were plenty, were great too and were topped off with the supplied relish.

Photo credit: Rhys Gregory

Although they weren’t anywhere near as good as the Honest Burger chips, we did pick up some oven chips ahead of time that was the next best thing. The rosemary salt was awesome!

I have to admit, this was one of the best at home kits that we’ve tried over lockdown and we’ll definitely be ordering again. The kit comes with four steak burgers and I was a little bit apprehensive sharing them out… I’m just so greedy when it comes to stuff like this! Give me burgers and pizza anyway of the week… However, the burgers were really filling. We had one each, along with a sprinkle of chips and that was us done! Not only was this one of the best kit experiences that we’ve had so far, we felt it was great value for money too.

How much does it cost?

£30.00 per kit including delivery.

How to order

As they are fresh food kits, you can only order on select days for delivery for the following day. You can order between Sunday and Thursday each week from 9am-5pm.

You can check dates and order online here.