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Hot and dry spell increases risk of wild fires in the countryside

In recent days Snowdonia has been one of the hottest places in the UK, with Porthmadog on the outskirts of the Park breaking the record for the highest recorded temperature of the year. With the earth now as dry as a bone, Snowdonia National Park Authority officers are appealing on the public to take extra care not to start a fire in Snowdonia’s countryside.

 As well as the obvious risk to life and property, wild fires have a catastrophic effect on wildlife, woodlands and vegetation. By taking simple steps when out working or enjoying the glorious weather you can help to protect Snowdonia National Park’s special landscape:

  • Make sure that BBQ’s are completely extinguished
  • Do not throw cigarettes on the ground – dispose of them responsibly
  • Take your litter home – glass bottles can start a fire when in full sun.
  • Ensure that exhaust pipes are not in contact with grass or dry vegetation.

Rhys Owen, Head of Conservation, Woodlands and Agriculture explained:

“As we are in the middle of a long spell of dry and hot weather, we ask everyone to take care when out in the countryside, be it at leisure or at work, and to take extra care with anything that may start a fire or create a spark.”