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How the pandemic has changed the online space in Wales?

The pandemic brought to light the hidden possibilities that online spaces help for most focus. One of these things is that online spaces are more than just a platform to socialize with people.  With more people staying home, it made sense that people and offices would find a way to make things work while at home. Here are some of the notable changes that happened in wales over the past year regarding online spaces.

More people were working online

2020 saw more businesses take their work online. The online meeting software and apps were being used more over the past years than in other times. With online working spaces came different ways to ensure that staff stayed motivated all through. There also had to be new ways to measure productivity in the office. These new measures helped ensure that people got to work and deliver on quality without feeling micromanaged.  It changed the entire perception people have of the office space.

Schools went online

One of the areas that were greatly affected by the pandemic had to be the education sector.  Since there was reduced contact between people, children and other students alike could not attend physical classes. It, therefore, made sense for them to have their classes online. The curriculum had to change and is still changing to ensure that whatever could be covered in a physical classroom can also be covered in a virtual class. Doing this ensured that students did not sit home all year long with nothing else to do. It broke the monotony of the long break the kids had during the lockdown.

Online games peaked

Since physical contact had been minimized, players of various games tried to find a way to still play together. One of these ways was through online games. With online games came the different variations. There were video games, and casinos sites like https://www.casinotrollet.com/bingo/ also had their version of live games that players could choose from. These games acted as a way the people could interact with each other in a safe space and have fun without missing their friends too much.

Cloud storage

Since there were many more people on these websites, data storage was very vital. One of the things that most companies turned to was the cloud. Cloud storage ensures that any company or business going through a lot of data has a place to store it and retrieve it for analysis. It made it easier for people who would like to analyze data and patterns to do it without a hassle. As such, marketing trends have changed.  The data also helped to monitor the spread of the virus across the country.

The pandemic changed our perception of disease and the world. With it, it also changed our view of technology. We have gotten to a point where we appreciate technology better and know that it plays a huge role in running things. It acts as a bridge between us and the outside world, especially in these trying times.