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How the UK Became a Major Player in the Gaming and iGaming Industries

The pandemic brought a brief decline in the global entertainment industry. However, after that brief intermission, the industry started to grow again and to grow strongly. Research suggests that the UK will become the leading market in Europe when it comes to the entertainment industry. The UK’s market will steadily continue to grow, but there are two major industries that have started to stand out from the crowd – gaming and iGaming industries. 

The rivals in this industry are TV and film, but gaming still manages to stay on top of its competitors. Video games managed to generate an outstanding £1.5 billion, and the economic impact of gaming is expected to grow even further. When it comes to iGaming – or gambling – this industry grew by approximately £6 billion within seven years. There are some significant factors that determined these growths and due to these, the UK became a major player. 

Game Development

The UK had the need for quicker, better, and more advanced gaming, and the industry responded. Game development, in general, has seen major innovations, and today there is even the development of mobile games and games with smartphones in mind. Video games for consoles and PCs are not the only focus anymore, and the UK started creating optimized websites and game apps that made the whole process of gaming easier. 

With more games available on smartphones, gamers are finding easier access to them, and the number of gamers rose. This is also where gambling started to rise. With the appearance of more and more online casinos, they, too, have started developing apps and improving their mobile optimization. This only contributed to easier access and the ability to play games on the go. 

The Change of Legislation for Gambling

Back in the day, only land-based casinos had the license to operate and provide casino games to people. However, since we are in the digital era, more and more casinos started going online. This pulled all the players to gamble from their homes and the legislation had to change. There was a change of laws that regulate remote gambling in 2014, and today the law recognizes gross gambling yield for all remote gambling accounts. This resulted in a variety of quality and reliable gambling sites in the UK and people can safely play their favorite games anywhere they are. The gambling industry truly escalated and employed more employees and provided endless options for people looking for entertainment. 

Influence of Gaming Consoles

Console gaming is still quite huge in the world, and the UK is no exception. In the last few years, we have seen the development of new consoles which brought a breath of fresh air to both game developers and gamers. PlayStation recently launched its PlayStation 5 and with that new games, improved graphics, and a better gaming experience. Gaming consoles are always coming up with new ways to attract new players and grow the number of Britons playing on their consoles, and the people seem to love it. 

Availability of Payment Methods

The emergence of online payment methods significantly impacted access to both video and casino games. Players don’t have to rely on buying physical copies of games or using their credit/debit cards for online purchases. Today, players can simply use their PayPal and other digital wallets to complete purchases within seconds. 

This also brought a lot of benefits to online gambling. Online casinos do still offer traditional payment methods, such as bank transfers and cards, but they have also added other online options. People can now use PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and even their cryptocurrencies to make deposits and play their favorite games. 

Additionally, the security of online payments is now much more secure. All gaming and casino platforms are secured and encrypted to prevent any hacks. This means that these industries take better care of their users and protect their personal information. 

Faster Internet

This is another major factor that contributed to the rise of gaming and iGaming in the UK. The internet connection is quicker and more stable today, and there are some major providers, such as BT, Sky, and Virgin. This means that with the more stable internet, gamers can now play without any interruptions or slower connection. Online gaming and on-demand gaming depend on the internet, and now that it is better, people are engaging more.

There are a lot of factors that can impact the success of any industry, but technology highly influenced the gaming and gambling industries in the UK. This country is expected to continue to grow even bigger, as more and more players are joining in.