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How To Bet on Royal Ascot 2021

The Royal Ascot is one of the greatest horse racing events within the season calendar. You may have been one of the many who contemplate on getting into it themselves, yet actually do not know where to start. Within this short guide, we will provide to you the exact way to go about betting on the Royal Ascot, so you too can participate in this huge horse racing event, and hopefully enjoy the spoils of winning. 

Currently, there are many Royal Ascot betting offers and free bets for new customers, so once you have picked up on how to actually participate in betting for yourself, make sure to head on down there to get in on the action for yourself! 

How to begin betting on the Royal Ascot for 2021?

Placing a bet

By following the procedures that we have listed down below, you should come to understand the process of placing a bet on the Royal Ascot

  1. Observe the Race Card given to you via paper or online, and select the horse which you prefer best and you will progress forward with for your bet.
  2. There are various betting selections such as the ‘to win’ or ‘each way’ etc. that you can select as your betting type. To win is simple and expands easily, you will be selecting the horse that you believe will win the race. Each way stands for a horse to finish anywhere with specifics after first place.
  3. Each way bet will be double the cost and stakes of the to win bet, as you are betting on multiple outcomes of which horse will win and which horse will follow in pursuit with the runner up positions.
  4. You will have three ways of placing a bet at the Royal Ascot: The tote, the betting shops and the betting ring. Any of the three is acceptable and valid for participation.

 The Royal ascot is an event that is met with many keen betting enthusiasts. It is a sports market that manages to bring in extreme amounts of revenue for each and every year it commences. In fact, bettors from far and wide know of the occurrence of this event and therefore it often remains the centrepiece of the most gamblers seasons.

Overall to a season of the Royal Ascot, there are races which occur over five days, and it is classified as high quality flat racing that operates at the number Grade 1. This also includes the Gold Cup and the Diamond Jubilee Stakes and it takes place from the 15th to the 19th of each and every consecutive June. Usually Saturday is the penultimate day of the races, with Saturday being the run without any Royal moniker.

Leading up to the day, it is very usual that bettors will find sources such as ante post tips alongside tipping outlets, that drip in their information in the weeks leading up to the official event. Usually the closer the time comes; the keener ears listen in to aid their betting decisions within the near future. Declarations often are available from the Sunday morning with final announcements and declarations being given 48 hours before the Tuesday race day.

Online Bookmaking

Many bettors will often look out for the online bookies that are available across the internet. The great thing about online betting is that it is available to anyone be it at the Ascot or not. We all know that when the Royal Ascot is the peak time for any horse racing bettor, so usually bookmakers will create a bit of a fuss for the purpose to attract players. Being one of the biggest sports congregations within the industry, online bookmakers will usually create promotional incentives and sign up offers to reel players into immersing themselves within the online gambling experience. Often, betting promotions will include an early in and entree with the ante post Royal Ascot prices.

Some of the best online bookmakers will give you the exact in the moment viewing experience as you would get being within the venue of the Royal Ascot. Live streaming has very much become a possibility nowadays, meaning you can try in-play betting-and bet while watching in real time.