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Horse Racing Betting Strategies 2021

Horse Racing provides a punter with many varying pursuits when it comes to the betting variety that you can access. Punters of all types can take the test and ante-up when opting for horse racing. If you are a high roller, or looking to casually bet, the best shot of making some winnings out of this past time, is by approaching horse race betting with a solid foundation, when it comes to your strategies. Many say that having strategies when betting on horses is a myth, but we are here to tell you that is simply not true.

Betting systems are not a magical way of getting money, in fact they are a system of techniques which ultimately will better your chances as they will allow you to have a better judgment when it comes to picking out the value in the market. Once you have established an opening to place your bet on within the horse betting market, there are a lot of bet racing offers that you can claim yourself to maximise your winnings. It has always been advised to punters to try and utilise sign-up offers, as they essentially increase your bankroll when gambling, which certainly is not a bad thing at all here!

If you keep reading further on, you will find that we over line everything you need to know about betting systems and the main methods of expressing odds within the betting realm. Essentially, everything you ever wanted to know about betting strategies will be found here directly from us.

Knowing the odds

Knowing the odds is super important, as you will be basing your bets around the expression of odds, and how can you do that properly, if you do not know what the figures mean? Therefore, the following terms are commonly used within betting:

Fixed odds betting

This is where horse race betting sites will use a fixed odds system. When you have this system, the payout is agreed and therefore will not be changed with time at all. Once you pay up the winning amount will be as what has been agreed upon.

Parimutuel betting 

This is the contrasting odds system and it is less common usually within the European regions, than anywhere else internationally. Usually this style of betting will be dictated by a tote system that takes account of the betting pool that the sport provides, and therefore makes the odds taking that into account. The final payout will not be given until the betting pool has been officially closed after the event.  

So, what are the horse betting systems that you can include within your betting for all the main events such as The Royal Ascot and the Grand National, you ask? Keep reading on to find out more!

The Statistical Lay

When you bet against a runner you will need to make sure that there are more than 10 horses to find use of this betting method. The key here is to pick out three favourites and be aware of their odds too. Once you have your perspectives in the race, you will need to select runners that have odds ranging from 2/1 to 4.8/1 and then make sure to lay against the one that has the lowest odds. By doing this you will find that there will be a winner, with an 80% chance of it being so.

The reason why you can rely on this strategy, is because you will find that a statistical analysis will always show horses within these ranges have a 17% chance of winning most of the time. Therefore, if you lay a bet, you should profit the other 83% of the time moving forward. It is all a maths game really…

Back the Beaten Favourite System 

This is yet another favourite which has made it huge within the horse racing community. When you find that a horse is touted for losing a race, public opinion will go against the horse for the next flow and series of horse races. There will be a wave of predictions against the beaten, even though it was once a favourite. For this reason, bookmakers will need to ensure they increase the odds, as it follows trends majorly on this front.

Even the best horse can lose, that is a fact. So, it is easy to look past a single loss or an ante beaten favourite. That horse will have better odds overall than how it usually would be so. For that reason, this strategy is therefore a longer-term kind of option, as when the horse becomes under-priced, you will get profit from it over time.

The Dutching System 

This is the strategy that mathematically driven punters will often go for. The reason why this is an optimal choice, is because you will bet on a selection of horses that will make you the same amount of money, despite the overall selection of a winner. This route of betting means you need to be good with calculations, and it has a pretty simple premise in the end. Many of the myriad calculators can do the hard work for you instead if you have an issue with the maths part, so it’s not all reliant on a quick maths whizz-do not worry!

You will need to select a race that has 10 or more racers all together. Then you will need to pick out the top two out of three ranking horses that have pretty generous odds. After that, you will have to work out the probabilities of each horse you have selected. Then after all of that the working out of the stake you will need to put down to guarantee a profit, no matter what the outcome needs to be affirmed too here. An example of the process we have mentioned is quoted down below for your reference.

An implied probability of a 11/1 runner will equate to (1/(11/1+1)) x 100= 8.33% 

Another implied probability of 3/1 will equate to 1/(3/1+1)) x 100= 25%

Therefore, the stakes required will be:

11.1 runner will equal to (8.33/(25+8.33)) x 10= £2.50

Or for 3/1 it will equal to (25/(25+8.33))x 10= £7.50

So, by using this formula that we have listed above, you should receive a £30 return on the investment you have made, which is not too shabby!

Horse betting systems are super straightforward, and as you can see very far away from being magical. Once you apply the logical sense behind it, with a system that is driven by mathematics, you will take over the betting market, in the most logical way possible. You need to just refine your selections to improve your return from the horse racing event. That is always the drive and goal here.