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How To Choose the Best Car to Own Today?

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Picking a used car in 2022 is difficult because of the dizzying array of great options from manufacturers. Worldwide silicon chip shortages are still wreaking havoc on the sector in general, but most motor groups are suffering equally and therefore this doesn’t impact the choices you have.

A vehicle is typically one of the largest purchases you will make, therefore taking this decision lightly will be a mistake. You should consider not just your needs of today, but also tomorrow, as you may own the car for more than 5 years, and life can change considerably in that time.

Let’s look at how you can narrow down potentially hundreds of vehicle models down to the best car to own today, using 2 main areas of focus.

Space and function

A car is ultimately a utility vehicle; therefore, we must place function over form when initially settling on a category of car.

Will you be carrying passengers, and do you need a full row of three seats in the back? For even larger tastes, do you need an MPV that includes two additional seats in the boot?

As well as people carrying capacity, you may want to consider the pure litres of space in the vehicle if you carry large objects regularly such as a full set of suitcases, large Christmas trees or sports equipment.

Finally, does the vehicle did a minimum off-road capacity based upon where you live? Some rural areas include roads that become treacherous after rain and traffic churn up mud, or where slops become icy. You may consider all-wheel drive an essential feature to ensure the safety of you and your cargo.


After you’ve excluded inappropriate categories that won’t fulfil the basic role of moving you and your loved ones from A to B, it’s time to get superficial.

This factor may have little or more significance depending on your passion for cars. A survey performed by Close Brothers Motor Finance found that 29% of UK adults ‘loved’ their car.

This could be achieved in numerous ways.

You could pick a distinctive model of vehicle, with a wide and aggressive stance and defined lines that run along the car. You’ll find plenty of used Volkswagen cars on the market that meets these criteria. Take a Golf for example, which is a marque that holds its value and has proven over the generations to be highly popular with men and women due to its simple but aggressive shape.

Alternatively, you could choose a high-spec of design features on a more common vehicle model. Sporty packages often include a set of cosmetic aerodynamic features, diamond-cut alloy wheels, and other details such as carbon fibre wing mirrors.

Finally, you could opt for a bold and exciting colour. Either from the manufacturers’ paint list or via a third-party paint shop or wrapping workshop. Wrapping a vehicle is the easy way to give a car a ‘one-of-a-kind’ look without invalidating its warranty. But it’s an expensive service, with wraps starting at around £1,800 in the UK.