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How to Clean Your Canada Windows and Doors

There are some undertakings that you should hire a professional to do them for you, but when it comes to cleaning your Canada windows and doors, you should keep your money in the pocket. With the right skills and knowledge you can clean your Total Home windows and doors and get the best results. But how can you achieve this?

There are a few basic things you should learn first and that involves the tools needed and how to use them. The main tool you should get is a squeegee. With this tool, you will not need to use spray bottle or a paper towel. Continue reading here to learn more about the best way to clean your Canada windows and doors.

1. The Equipment You Need

To clean your Canada windows and doors and leave them spotless, you need to invest in quality windows and doors cleaning equipment. These equipment can easily be found in the nearest hardware store. You will need a squeegee, a scrubber, a bucket, dishwashing liquid and some few rags.

2. Steps To Follow

Scrub The Glass

This is the first thing you should do when cleaning your windows and doors Whitby. Carefully scrub the glass on all the angles. Ensure that every corner of the edge is scrubbed. When doing so, you should move your squeegee horizontally (vertical movements work as well).

Clean The Starting Area(Strip)

At this stage, you should use your squeegee. Make sure only the squeegee touches the glass. Then, move it from the top corner in a horizontal position to clean the top part of the glass. Repeat those horizontal strokes from the top to the bottom.

Wipe The Squeegee Clean

At this point use a clean towel to remove dirt and excess water from the surface of your Canada windows and doors.

Work From The Top To The Bottom

At this stage you should work down the window, overlapping the horizontal strokes. Repeat this process from the right or the left of your windows and then wipe the dirt and excess water using a clean cloth.

Eliminate Excess Water

After cleaning the next thing is to wipe excess water from your Canada windows and doors. Water in the bottom and vertical edges can be challenging to remove, so in this case you would want to use a rag to remove it. Using your finger, poke excess water with a rag from the edges. If the rag you are using gets dirt, change it.

3. Squeegee Can Be Used Onside Your Home As Well!

Experts do this many times when cleaning the windows and doors Whitby even when the woodwork is stained. When washing your doors and windows, the goal is to get rid of the significant amount of soapy water from the edges. Then put the scrubber on the bucket instead of putting it in water after cleaning each window.

However, the rate at which you rinse your scrubber depends on the level of dirtiness of your Canada windows and doors. However, on average you should rinse it after washing five to ten windows.

4. Tips For Cleaning Hard-To-Clean Doors And Windows

When cleaning windows and doors that are hard to clean, you would want to use a new blade to avoid scratching them. Start by making the windows wet and then scrub the surface using a scrubber. Rinse the blade and move on to the next surface-this will avoid leaving debris from the previous surface on the new surface. Also these debris can scratch the glass and that is why it is recommended to clean the blade before scrubbing the next surface.

Note that you should not use razor blade if you have a tempered glass.

If there are built-up stains on the glass that are hard to remove you can use mild household abrasives or a power drill. There are also solutions that you can use to loosen sticky debris before scrubbing them off. These solutions are readily available in hardware stores near you.

In conclusion, cleaning your doors and windows is easy undertaking you can DIY as long as you have the right equipment.