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How to Cope with a Broken Boiler

There are always little problems that you’ll face as a homeowner. Whether it’s a bulb needing replacing in a light, a room looking in need of a lick of paint, or even running out of toilet roll, it always seems like there’s at least a job or two to complete to get your home operating fully. Most of these are simple and would only take a few minutes or just an afternoon to fix. One of the problems that every homeowner dreads facing is unfortunately, a lot more complicated. If your boiler breaks, you could be left without two of the most important things in your home – heating and hot water. Here’s how you can make sure you get that boiler fixed as quickly as possible so you can feel comfortable in your home once again.

Find the money to get it replaced

One of the biggest problems a lot of homeowners face when it comes to fixing the boiler isn’t simply just finding someone to come and fix it. As the industry knows how many problems not having a working boiler can have on you and your family, you can normally find an emergency engineer to come and look at the machine pretty quickly. The only problem is this fast service comes at a cost. Even if it takes just a few minutes to fix, you could be faced with a large callout charge from your engineer. If major parts or the whole thing needs replacing, you could be looking at bills that total hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

If you don’t have the cash freely available to pay for this, you could consider taking out a quick loan so you can pay the engineer to get your home back up and running again. By taking out a loan like this, you could have the money within an hour and then spread out the cost of repaying the loan over several months. See an emergency loan broker such as Cash Lady to get started.

Set up some temporary fixes in the meantime

We all know the weather in this part of the world can get very cold very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to find some alternative ways of heating yourself whilst waiting for any repairs to be carried out to your boiler system. Make sure you have a large kettle to help produce hot water to help wash yourself and your home with. Make sure you have a large collection of warm clothing and hot water bottles to keep yourself warm. Thinks like portable electric heaters and blankets can also be surprisingly cheap to run and provide a lot of heat.

Maintain your new machine

Once you’ve got your new boiler, it’s important to keep it regularly maintained. Companies like British Gas offer a service where you can subscribe to have your boiler regularly serviced. Whilst this may cost a few pounds every month, this is a lot less than you’ll have to pay if a major problem occurs again because the system hasn’t been well looked after.