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How to Fix an At-Home Hair Dye Mishap

We all know the trials and tribulations of beauty maintenance at home due to the many lockdowns endured since March 2020. From getting your significant other to cut your hair, buying a UV lamp for shellac manicures, or getting the waxing strips out to tame those wild eyebrows, we’ve all been there!

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Have you recently decided to save yourself a trip to the hairdresser and colour your hair at home? Not so happy with the results? Look no further than these three quick tips on remedying these three common hair colouring mistakes!

Looking for Blonde but Got Brassy?

Blonde hair is one of the most difficult to maintain and needs a lot of attention and care. When dyeing hair blonde, often the colour can come out a little brassier than expected. It is also common for blonde hair to turn brassy over time due to sunlight.

Do not stress, there is a simple fix! Find a purple shampoo in your local pharmacy. The purple shade in the shampoo works wonders to balance out any brassy hues in your hair and will restore your hair to a bright blonde!

Much Darker Than Planned?

It’s fun to mix up hair colours every once in a while, you only live once! Have a look at the trendiest colours to dye your hair at the moment for some inspiration.

But did you leave the new colour on for too long? Often we think that the longer we leave the dye on the hair to work its magic, the better colour payoff we will get. However, sometimes we can overdo it and get a much darker shade than anticipated.

Fear not, another simple fix! Use a strong cleanser, such as anti-dandruff shampoo, or even washing up liquid, to remove the surface layer of colour. Repeat this step as often as needed in the following days to remove the colour from your hair. Don’t forget to follow up with a hydrating conditioner or hair mask to restore your hair to its original softness. Again, repeat this as often as necessary.

Hair Dye on Hairline and Skin?

If you were a little too heavy handed with the hair dye and noticed you have gotten some on your skin, act fast and wipe away the dye with some hot water and soap.

However, if the dye has dried, you could try using some oil to lift the stain on your skin. Coconut or olive oil is a gentle way to remove these kinds of stains. And if the stain really won’t budge, try some rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on the cotton pad to remove the stain.

Next time you are armed in the bathroom with your hair dye and all the necessary tools to hand, make sure you are prepared with Schwarzkopf’s tips and tricks for colouring your hair at home and avoid a hair disaster!