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How to Maximize Fun at Astroworld Festival?

Astroworld Live November 5-6 Houston

Astroworld Festival is a music festival that’s going to happen on November 9. Houston native Travis Scott creates the festival. The festival occurs near the past home of Houston’s Astroworld- an amusement park that is loved by a lot of Houstonians. The festival is meant to bring back the old memories of Astroworld both for the Houstonians and the people attending the festival from all around the world.

Astroworld was launched for the first time in the year 2018. It was the same year when the studio album of Scott bearing the same name was released. The motivation for the festival came to Scott from the line, “bring back the beloved spirit and nostalgia of Astroworld, making a childhood dream of Travis’ come true.”

Astroworld festival 2021 Lineup

The actual lineup of the Astroworld festival consisted of hip-hop artists including Young Thug, Post Malone, Metro Boomin, and Scott himself. Another exciting and notable thing about the festival is that the Netflix Original movie “Look Mom I Can Fly” was focused on the exact name of both the album and the festival. The film came live in 2019 and gained enormous fame.

Past Astroworld Fests in 2018 & 2019

After its launch in 2018, the festival came back the following year, in 2019. This time the festival came back with an expanded lineup. Unlike the previous year, the festival focused on other genres of music like reggaeton, hard rock, and others same like Stagecoach festival. Rosalia and Marilyn Manson were a great addition to the lineup. As per a report, the number of people attending the festival increased significantly from 2018 to 2019. One report claims that the number of people attending the festival in 2019 was around 50,000.

In 2020, the whole pandemic situation resulted in the pause of the Astroworld festival. But Travis Scott came up with an exciting solution and teamed up with Fortnite Battle Royale. Both of them came up with an Astroworld themed event.

2021 Astroworld Plans

The plans for the year 2021 are confirmed, and the dates are announced too. The Astroworld Festival will be a multi-day event this time, unlike the past years when it was only a one-day festival. The number of tickets has also doubled this year and risen to 100,000, unlike the year 2019 when the number of people attending the festival was half. Despite the high price of tickets, all of them were sold in just 30 minutes from their launch.

Survival Guide for Astroworld Festival 2021

Although the Astroworld Festival will happen after a long wait, the safety of fans, staff, and artists is the top priority of the owners. The hosts of the festival have issued a whole set of guidelines regarding COVID-19 and its precautions. The team will be in continuous communication with the health officials. All the protection and policies are advised to be followed in order to keep a safe and enjoyable environment.

The official website of the Astroworld Festival also contains relevant guidelines. As per the officials, they will keep on updating everyone about the latest information. To avoid confusion and maintain a peaceful environment, all the latest changes will be uploaded on the official page. Also, the hosts will make sure to email everything to all the concerned people before the festival.

Covid-19 Warnings

A set of Covid-19 warnings and assumptions of risk have also been uploaded on the official page. All the fans, artists, vendors, and contractors are advised to follow the necessary protocols. People are asked to keep each other healthy and help in doing that too.

Austin City limits fest is also announced after Covid and tickets can be found here.

Despite taking care of all needed protocols, the authority has warned everyone to be prepared for any risks and exposures to Covid-19. It is an unavoidable disease and is pretty contagious. So, before attending the festival, be prepared for the worst.

Astroworld Festival Tickets

The tickets for the Astroworld festival are currently available for as low as $350 for 2 days pass on Tickets4Festivals. You can also attend only 1 day for Friday or Saturday.

What to Wear?

As far as the outfit is concerned, festivals are no longer about fancy dresses and gowns now. This is precisely the case with Astroworld Festival too. Most people prefer wearing cargo pants with a loose t-shirt and white sneakers. Shorts and denim can also be worn to such festivals like Coachella. A bucket hat is something that is going with this kind of festival a lot lately. A good set of biker shorts paired with a crop top is also a fabulous combo for the event. Shades can make your outfit stand out when going to a Astroworld or Coachella 2022festival. A chunky pair of white or neon sneakers will work out too. In short, keep it minimalistic and a bit loud at the same time. Try not to overdo it and keep it as casual as possible. Use chunky jewelry pieces to complete the outfit.

A lot of information regarding the things available at the Astroworld Festival is available on the official site. The highlight of everything is “GOOD VIBES ONLY… BAD ATTITUDES ARE NOT TOLERATED.” Re-entry to the festival will not be allowed. So, make sure to carry everything at once while you enter the festival. $20 is the parking charge, and they accept cash only. For parking, enter gate no 13. Vehicles can enter the festival from entrance no. 11. In case you are on a bike, you will find the parking lot near the festival location. Don’t forget to bring your lock.

Child Care

Children below three-and-a-half feet can enter the festival for free if accompanied by a ticket holder adult. No children below the age of 14 are allowed at the festival. On-site water refilling stations can be found there. You can also book your lockers online to store personal belongings.

The Astroworld Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals, and believe it or not, it has hit the top list of Billboard. All the fans will enjoy a super hit show this year, too, like all the previous years. To maximize fun, take your loved ones along with you and dive straight into the fun this festival offers. Keep your spirits high and enjoy the festival.