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How To Ramp Up The Entertainment Factor When Watching Sports

Whether it’s rugby or racing, football or field hockey, watching sporting events is a popular way to spend an afternoon or evening. Cheering on your favourite team or sports person is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping – but how do you create the perfect viewing environment?

If you want to make a real occasion of your sports viewing, here are five ways to really ramp up the entertainment factor.

1. Get The Right Tech

Sometimes, watching sports on your phone feels like the easiest option, but does it really have that wow factor? A big screen means you’ll feel more fully immersed in the occasion – and if your screen doesn’t feel big enough, how about investing in a projector for an almost cinematic experience?

Sound is important too; a great surround sound system will make a surprising amount of difference and really help to bring the atmosphere of the event into your home.

2. Super Snacks

Make your sports viewing into a real occasion by creating themed snacks for the event! You could even turn it into a competition with friends… If you’re watching an international football tournament, for example, why not make snacks that are inspired by the countries that are competing?

Bon Appetit also has a great guide on tasty snacks that are great to eat while watching sports on TV, such as buffalo wings, fully loaded nachos, chips with dips, and much more. Or why not create your own replica of your team’s logo or their stadium out of different snack foods? The world is your oyster!

3. Check Your Settings

How often do you actually play around with the settings on your television? What many may not realise is that most newer TVs will have a range of different visual and audio settings, optimised for different types of programme.

Have a look at the settings menu on your TV and try out some different options. You might find your new favourite settings for your favourite sport improves visibility when action is happening quickly and let you see everything more clearly.

4. Place Your Bets

Many of us will have been involved in a Grand National sweepstake at some point down the line: pay a pound or two and pick a horse at random – whoever’s horse wins takes the lot. The most recent Grand National took place on April 10th and many horse racing fans will have been tuning in to watch how their favourites fared against iconic Grand National fences like Becher’s Brook and The Chair. So, why not organise something similar with friends to add a competitive element to your viewing?

As a spectator, placing a bet on a sporting event means that you have much more of a stake in the game. Even if you have only wagered a small amount, the thrill of watching the team or competitor you have backed head to victory is amplified knowing that your bet might pay off. Similarly, if your team is losing then the entertainment of watching and hoping for them to make a comeback can be more intense with money at stake.

While this is one tip that’s only suitable for adults, and you should never wager more than you can afford to lose, betting on sports can be a great way to increase the entertainment factor of the event, particularly if it’s something you experience with friends.

5. Host A Virtual Watch Party

If your friends can’t physically be with you for the occasion, then why not organise a virtual watch party instead? There are certain apps that allow you to all watch the same event together by logging into your area, with a chat function included so you can all offer up your own thoughts on the event.

If not, then why not all agree to watch the game or match on your own individual devices, and get together via Zoom or Google Hangouts to turn it into a virtual party? You can make things even more entertaining by dressing in your team’s strip or colours, or even using a virtual background to display your allegiances.