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How to sell iPhone X online

Are you looking for the most recent iPhone or need to get away from Apple and go for Android? Well, selling your present iPhone can help you get some quick money to put towards the new device. Fortunately, iPhones usually hold their resale value as compared to Android handsets. So you can opt to sell iPhone X online by following these important tips.

How does the selling of old mobile phones work

When it comes to selling phones, it is a fairly straightforward process. Here’s everything you need to know when you want to sell your mobile phone.

  • Research well

The initial step is to explore buyers that can offer you the best resale value for your old iPhone X. You can get quotes from buyers and recyclers of old mobile phones by adding the details of your handset. When you get the best offer, you need to add your personal details and get the package from the buyer.

  • Ship the handset

You will have to pack your device and fill the form, which will require some essential details related to yourself and the handset. You should then take the package and send it to the buyer through the post office.

  • Wait for the payment

When the buyer gets the package, they will inspect it to match the details you had supplied earlier. They would need to check the condition of the gadget and lookout for any damages. If there are discrepancies, the buyer will send you a revised quote. If you are discontent with the offer value, you can dismiss it. The buyer would then need to ship back the device free of cost to you. If you are happy with the revised price, you will get the payment inside a couple of days.

Where can I sell my old iPhone X

You can sell your old iPhone X to a renowned mobile buying and recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyer. We offer a lot of choices that help selling become as simple as it could be. If you need to think about different choices, you can consider sites like eBay where you can request the desired price. In any case, it is fundamental to understand that eBay is a jam-packed website. There are hundreds and thousands of postings, which means that there is no assurance your gadget will get sold. You can likewise approach Amazon, but they offer a gift voucher rather than hard cash. All in all, a specialist mobile buying and recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyer will be your ideal choice.

Important tips to keep in mind when selling old mobile phones

Here are some helpful tips to make selling mobiles an easier task for you.

  • Getting the top resale value

If you think you have the best offer in hand, look for some more buyers as they can offer you a better price. The rates offered by various buyers can differ. Significant specs, like the inbuilt memory, can affect the amount you get. If you have a 64GB variation of any cell phone, you ought to request more money than the one that has 32GB limit. You can likewise search for specialist companies that recycle cell phones and also websites that offer regular sales.

  • Inspect the handset

It is fundamental to investigate the handset before posting it for selling. It will give you a sensible thought of how much amount you should ask. If your gadget has damages, you should be clear about it forthright. Concealing anything won’t help as the buyer will drop the deal if they come to realize that you had lied about the actual condition of your cell phone.

  • Reset the device

It is basic to reset the handset before selling it to keep your information from falling into the hands of a stranger. Resetting the information is a straightforward process, whether you are an Apple or Android user. Most companies don’t acknowledge handsets that have data on them. You should back up the information before resetting the handset. You would then be able to restore the data in your new handset later.