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How We Will Use Artificial Intelligence In Our Homes

We have all heard for years how artificial intelligence will change the world forever. It will change how we work, how we play, how we interact with one another and, well, how we do almost everything. But when? And where?

The conversation surrounding artificial intelligence has been around for so long that it almost feels like the excitement about its arrival has come and gone. Many have admitted reaching the conclusion that perhaps artificial intelligence is something that will remain a part of science fiction, something that, ultimately, works better in theory than in practice.

However, it is worth remembering that technology integrates itself into our lives without us fully noticing. It was only ten years ago that the majority of us bought their first smartphone. Fast forward to today and the idea of not having one would be nigh on impossible. It is also worth remembering that while it might not be so obvious, artificial intelligence has already made its way into people’s lives and, even if you missed have the first wave, its integration into your home is only around the corner. So, let’s take a look at 4 ways we will use artificial intelligence in our homes…

Online Casinos 

Online casinos are incredibly popular in the United Kingdom and they look set to cement themselves as one of the island nation’s favourite pastimes over the next decade or so. Due to both demand and the advancements made in technology, the quality of the games available on websites, such as 777 Casino, is now better than ever.

This trend looks likely to continue as soon artificial intelligence will become a key element of online casinos. They will be able to offer game suggestions, better customer service as well as identifying possible addicts and even cheating. Its integration will make for a safer and more enjoyable experience for years to come.


Smart fridges have already began making their way into people’s home and it is only a matter time before they become the norm. These intelligent refrigerators are able to monitor the stock levels of regular items in your fridge and place weekly food orders to your home without any input. They will also be able to offer recipe suggestions based on what you currently have. 

Streaming Services 

With the Internet’s popularity continuing to rise in Wales, the vast majority of us now have television and movie streaming services, so we will be familiar with them offering us suggestions. There is more going on in the background than you may think when it comes to said suggestions. These are based on your previous watching habits, what you have liked and what others have liked who have watched the same thing.

The more integrated artificial intelligence becomes, the more sophisticated these suggestions will be. For example, suggestions may be based on what you have liked to watch at certain times of day and for how long. Be prepared for these suggestions to get spookily accurate!


When robot vacuum cleaners first arrived on the market in the early 2000s, they possessed very basic artificial intelligence capabilities. Over the last twenty years, exponential growth has meant that they have become a whole lot more complicated. They are now able to scan the size of rooms and remember the most efficient paths to clean each area in your home by remembering potential obstacles.So the next time you think that artificial intelligence is something that remains in the future, just remember, we are already using it more than you think!p