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International Ecommerce Business: Challenges and Opportunities

With technological advancement and the world going digital, globalisation is thriving. As a result, the international ecommerce industry is growing. Entrepreneurs are opening ecommerce businesses and targeting international customers. Existing businesses are opening online shops to attract people from around the world.

Selling online has become more convenient, especially with customer expectations heavily influenced by technology. Markets have expanded globally, and international logistics play an essential role in ensuring that products reach their destinations fast. This is one of the challenges global businesses have turned into an opportunity.

We’ll explore more of these challenges and opportunities as you read through this post. 

What Is an International Ecommerce Business Really About?

Many people think that having an online business or creating a website for a physical store means you’ll get international customers. Yes, foreigners may find your site when searching for something related to your products, but it takes a lot more to get them to buy your products. 

Selling products to international customers through ecommerce websites takes a lot of planning and research. Each country is unique, and international ecommerce entrepreneurs must consider what their target market in different regions is looking for. 

Once you’ve considered that and used the different technological tools to help make shopping easier for your customers globally, your business will have the potential to thrive. There’s much to learn, including confirming orders via email, partnering with and integrating various payment options and making your site accessible in different languages.

Ecommerce Business Challenges

Most likely, you imagine all the benefits when you think your business could grow even more significantly in the international market. But there are challenges you have to consider. Below are some of the main ones to look out for.

Language and Localisation

English is mainly used as the method of communication for various international platforms. But even locally, it can be very disappointing to find that there’s no one to assist you in your local language. Such businesses seem less inclusive.

This is why you’d find that online gambling sites, VPNs and other web-based businesses ensure to include various international languages like French, German and Spanish, among others.

Culture, Customs and Content

Culture is closely related to language. So, imagine if a French customer visits and sees the word “SALE” highlighted all over, and they aren’t sure what the shop sells because this word means dirty in French. 

Dirty can imply many things and may seem highly inappropriate to some customers, that would most probably advise others not to visit that website. 


You have to invest in technological infrastructures that enhance your site’s connectivity speed. Customers get easily irritated by anything slow these days because there are competitors that do it faster and better. 

Moreover, in developed countries, the internet connection is of high quality and speed. So, instead of a one size fits all option that would work locally, choose a solution with servers worldwide.

Ecommerce Business Opportunities

There are huge advantages to becoming an international ecommerce entrepreneur, with many opportunities:

More Customers

When you’re making good sales locally, know that they could even be better internationally. An international ecommerce business gets exposed to new markets, which means an opportunity to gain more customers and, thus, increase sales. 

You must ensure they’re well-informed about your business and have access to your products.

Increased Profits

Going international means you’ll cover a bigger spectrum of your target market. With different cultures, you’ll have to adjust your target market depending on the area (country/city). If you can impress and serve your new audience well, they’ll come in significant numbers. The more buyers, the higher the profits.

Product Demand 

When you have customers all over the globe, chances are, your services will be relevant all year round. Even if you’re selling a product that’s popular in winter locally, winter occurs at different times in some other countries. 

So, when the hype dies down where you’re based, it could increase elsewhere. The same applies to occasions, holidays, school seasons and more.


You might be a little sceptical about opening up your business to the international market through ecommerce websites because of the possible challenges you could face. But remember that challenges have solutions and can be turned into opportunities. They can sometimes be difficult to handle, but reaping the benefits will make you realise it was worth it. 

Make the best out of that small idea you’ve always had and fly higher by turning it into an international ecommerce business.