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Is your car too vulnerable? How to increase its security today

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No matter what new security measures manufacturers come up with, it always feels like car thieves are one step ahead. With that in mind, we’d recommend taking a look at car security before you’re left with an empty driveway and a need to search for used cars for sale in the UK.

After all, your car is likely to be one of your most valuable possessions, so you want to protect it, right? Our list includes solutions that won’t break the bank but will help it remain in your life.

Here are a few products that we think are worth checking out:

Faraday pouches

If you’ve got a car with a keyless entry system, it could be vulnerable when parked outside your house. By amplifying the signal your key emits and sending it to your car, thieves can unlock it and potentially drive it away.

Faraday pouches block the signal from your key with a metallic lining, preventing thieves from using them to get your car. They’re simple, affordable and could save an awful lot of hassle.

Car trackers

If someone does steal your car, a tracker allows you and the police to monitor its location. This gives you the best chance of getting it back.

Most trackers use GPS or VHF technology, the latter preferable as it can detect signals underground or in a metal container. Entry-level examples start at around £30 with more expensive ones several hundred.

Wheel locks

While it might seem a bit old-school, they’re a handy deterrent against keyless entry theft. After all, why battle with a lock when you can just pick something else? They’re also good for cars without an alarm or immobiliser such as classics.

Wheel clamps

Another old but gold solution, the wheel clamp is as effective as it’s ever been. They come in a range of sizes to suit all manner of cars and SUVs, and security ratings, too. We’d recommend a sturdier one with protection for the wheel nuts.

Garage Security

A car might be safer in a garage, but there are ways to beef that up, too. A determined thief won’t be put off by a basic padlock setup, so take additional measures.

Start by reinforcing the garage door lock and make sure the hinges are tamper-proof. Consider a chunkier latch and padlock along with an alarm, too.

CCTV systems

Sometimes it’s just nice to see everything’s alright with your car, even if you’re away from home. With a web-connected CCTV system, you can do just that. You can get stick-on battery-powered cameras cheaply enough, but a wired-in system is better.

The best models let you view your garage via an app, although being able to record the footage can cost extra. Buy the best resolution camera you can and think about lighting. You want to make sure any footage captured is the highest quality possible.

Security lights

Not only do security lights help illuminate CCTV footage, but a thief is less likely to strike if they can clearly be seen. If you don’t want lights on all night, sensor-activated ones are what you need.