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JSPuzzels maker: Create your own puzzles

Age is just a number when it comes to saving personalised items, be it clothing lines or gaming. Having our favourite characters printed on shirts is easy to find, but when we talk about entertainment goods, it is quite a hustle. JSpuzzles puzzle maker is here to help you make your game time a little more fun because now you can create a puzzle of your choice in just a few minutes. Sounds interesting? Read further and create your own jigsaw puzzles. 

How to make your own jigsaw puzzle 

You name it, they can make it. Yes, it is this simple. Crafting your beloved character’s puzzle in less than 5 minutes isn’t a dream anymore. Just follow 3 simple steps and TADDA! You have an exciting jigsaw puzzle ready.

Step: 1 

Put in your credentials and register or log in to the website.

Step: 2 

After logging in to the main page, select and upload your desired picture.

Step: 3 

The software will check, cut, finalize, and proceed to the final product.

You have your favourite image turned into a puzzle through a free jigsaw puzzle maker, play and enjoy most of it. 

Let me tell you that customisation is not limited to selecting the picture of your choice but it also allows you to set the difficulty level according to your preferences. Before solving, you can personalise the size of the tile (small and large), the overall division of the tile ranging from 9 pieces to 225 pieces, and lastly, competitive mode. 

The best part is the leaderboard that lets you record time throughout the game and displays the best time and average time on screen. 

Great for brain

A jigsaw puzzle is no doubt a multitasking activity that not only fulfils the criteria of entertainment but also improves problem-solving quality in kids. Parents must push their children towards games like these. Other than creating a customisable jigsaw, JS puzzle offers you a sheer collection of puzzles, be it cartoons, scenarios, pets, food, or anything you can think of, they have it on their main page that can make your leisure time more amusing. 

Essential in birthday parties

With premium features like online gameplay and user-generated puzzles, you can make your birthday party or housewarming parties a big hit. All you have to do is go to the website, select your intended puzzle from the gallery, and make them solve it. Trust me these kids will be more invested in completing their jigsaw than in yummy cake.

Go creative with a puzzle maker 

I can bet, that creating your own puzzle is as easy and fun as baking cookies. Just like a cookie cutter helps you make fine cuts out of rough cookie dough, an online puzzle maker takes an enlarged photo or artwork and simply converts it into something magical. Minutes of hard work and the most awaited item are in your hand.

Make a habit of solving at least one puzzle a day because what’s better than gameplay that is interesting but doesn’t drain your energy? Challenge and improve your critical thinking and patience practice with a jigsaw puzzles. Good luck!