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Lamb rescued from cliff edge after facing rocky fall into the sea

RSPCA Cymru have rescued a lamb in the Llŷn Peninsula who was stuck on a cliff edge without grazing and being pecked by birds.

The animal welfare charity was alerted after walkers spotted the sheep stranded on the ledge at the Trefor Sea Stacks.

No grazing was available on the cliff edge for the lamb, while she was surrounded by nesting shag birds who would peck her every time she moved.

The young sheep was in urgent need of help – and without this rescue faced a 20-metre drop, where she would have fallen on rocks and landed in the sea. She was also exposed to dangerously high temperatures in direct sunlight.

As a rescue team was put together, RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh visited the site and got grass to the stranded sheep, before notifying the farmer who provided hay and water.

Fortunately, the animal welfare charity was later able to rescue the sheep – who was placed into a bag and lifted back to safety, before being returned to her near-by mother. The rescue took place on 2 June.

A five-strong team of RSPCA officers completed the rescue – as inspectors Mark Roberts, Nayman Dunderdale, Rachael Davies and Andrew Broadbent joined inspector Pugh at the scene.

Following the rescue, Inspector Pugh said: “This poor lamb was horribly stranded on a cliff ledge and unable to get herself back to safety.

“As we got a rescue group together, I got the lamb some grass – and notified the farmer, who also got vital sustenance to the stranded animal. The poor young sheep was being pecked by nesting shag birds every time she moved.

“We were later able to reach the lamb, by abseiling to her and pulling her back using a pulley system to safe land. I waited at the bottom in case she fell into the sea – but thankfully it was a highly successful rescue.

“Fortunately, despite her ordeal, the young sheep had no injuries and we were able to reunite this lucky lamb with her mother.

“What was really nice is that – after we rescued the lamb and were packing up our equipment – she popped back over to see us. Perhaps she was saying thank you!”

Farmer Arwyn Owen, who owns the lamb, added: “I’m very grateful to the RSPCA for completing this rescue. The lamb is alive and well despite the very challenging situation we thought we were in, and is back with the mother.”

RSPCA inspector Pugh suspects the sheep may have got stranded after being spooked or chased by a dog. The animal welfare charity have renewed their calls for dog walkers to keep their pets on leads near livestock.

Mike added: “While we cannot be sure, I suspect this sheep may have inadvertently fallen onto this cliff ledge while escaping a chasing dog.

“Livestock worrying remains a real problem – so we urge dog owners to not let their pets off leads when sheep, lambs and other livestock are nearby.”