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Local Swansea man scores £37k jackpot at Grosvenor Casino

A player at Grosvenor Casino Swansea won a huge £37k recently while visiting the local casino one evening.

The property developer and investor, who wishes to remain anonymous, found himself at the Grosvenor that night to try a new dish from the restaurant before he played Going for Gold, an electronic roulette game. The resident is a regular who was given the nickname ‘Lucky Balls’, due to his lucky streak winning the casino’s raffle. The lucky man is usually found at Grosvenor Casino Swansea’s poker tables with his friends.

The local man had played Going for Gold a few times in previous weeks, winning £600 prior, but his luck struck silver this time as he won the silver jackpot.

The winner put his faith in his lucky numbers and continued to play them in each round. As he made the last bet, a sixth sense convinced him that he might win so he called over the manager of the casino, who he has known for many years. The gut feeling proved right as the ball rolled into his favourite number! Mixed with surprise and shock, the player began to scream and high-five all those around him—the manager, the dealer, and nearby players who came over to congratulate his win.

The mystery property developer is still buzzing from his win having never won such a big amount before. He states that he is excited to use the money next year, as he plans to visit family members who are dotted across the world, including Australia, Dubai, California, and Texas!

Speaking about his win, the lucky Swansea man said: “This win is still such a shock, I am looking forward to visiting family and seeing so many different places as I do! I love going to Grosvenor because it gets people engaged and playing, it’s a great time and the staff at the Swansea casino are so lovely. I used my favourite numbers and they proved why they are my lucky numbers!”

Vincent Dale, General Manager at Grosvenor Casino Swansea, said: “It’s always amazing when someone wins big at our casino, and this was a spectacular win to witness. We send our biggest congratulations to the winner and we look forward to hearing stories of his travels next year!”

Grosvenor Casino Swansea is the perfect day-and-night leisure destination with a fantastic all-day menu, a sports and entertainment screen, as well as numerous roulette, blackjack and poker tables.