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Making an Effective Peer-To-Peer Marketplace Software

Peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, or Etsy has obtained their success because of the holistic approach and accurate strategy to the platform’s technical capacities.

First, a P2P marketplace is viewed as infrastructure, and its success will be defined by the opportunities and service you’ll provide to users. The first goal is to provide the best user experience on your website; it should be interactive, user-friendly, and comfortable.

What’s Your Target and Niche Audience?

The key behind any successful business is a solution to everyday problems. Be analysing the current market, defining your target audience, and knowing the pain points you’ll be addressing with your product.

What Features Are Needed For the Platform to Operate

After you’ve determined your niche, audience, and the problems you need to solve, it’s easier to determine what features your website has. Write down all the functionalities, your app couldn’t resist without and think about your user journey through your website.

Write out each function that your app can’t resist without. Try to plan the steps your users will have to take to complete various actions. Typical features might include lists of products and services, user profiles, ratings, reviews, individual item cards.

What Additional Features?

Now that you’ve planned out the basic features imagine which features will enhance the overall user experience, make buyers and sellers interested in your platform. Maybe you can add fun to your software by adding some gamification or give features that are available on competing websites.

However, you don’t want to distract your solution with distracting or unnecessary elements. Start by having 3-5 features and determine if more is necessary.

Platform Monetisation

After you’ve defined what you’ll offer to your users, you need to find a way to monetise your platform. You can create paid plans, charge commissions for the transactions, and so on. Start with 1-2 options, then add opportunities as the platform continues to grow.

Scaling The Platform

At some point, you have to plan for the unexpected. Once your app grows in user base, your app has to be built to scale. Ensure that your app has the data and space needed so that every user is satisfied.

Narrow The Focus

You need to narrow your focus so the company can appeal to a niche group of people. It needs to be specified to a single geographic location or a niche community.

If you have a wide focus, you’ll be unable to find quality suppliers and fail to build a thriving online peer to peer marketplace. For instance, if you’re trying to make a sharing marketplace in the U.S., you’ll find it challenging to get the right supply of stuff within any location.

Instead, you could start with a specific geography and specific items such as sporting goods gear, camera, or bicycles. The more expensive the item, the more unique it is. When narrowing the focus, select an item that will sell to your audience, and create a plan to make it more efficient to your competition. Ultimately, through utilising peer-to-peer marketplace software, you’ll be able to make a long-lasting market that will benefit both your buyers and sellers.