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Meet the companies tackling climate change in Wales

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Ahead of Earth Day this Friday (22 April), Tech Nation shares some of the best and brightest climate tech companies from Wales that are tackling the climate emergency and building towards a better future.

Gerard Grech, Founding CEO of Tech Nation, comments: “Earth Day is a good time to remind ourselves that aside from the need to change our behaviours as citizens and consumers, climate technology is critical to achieving Net Zero, globally. The UK climate tech sector has seen a doubling of investment deals over the last 3 years, with acceleration in areas such as energy, agriculture, waste management and transportation. 

“Scaling climate technology solutions needs to become a global priority if we are to meet our target of net zero by 2050. At Tech Nation, we’ve launched a Tech Zero pledge and toolkit to help companies become even more environmentally friendly, as well as supporting dozens of companies through our dedicated Net Zero growth programme to help reduce their unique barriers to scaling. It’s vital that all state and non-state actors invest and support the growth of climate technology, given there is no time for complacency.”

These companies are:

  • Route Konnect (Cardiff) makes traffic more predictable and more eco-friendly by making smarter junctions and predicting the amount of vehicles and people. By using real-time automated insights from their combined camera and LiDAR traffic sensors, they’re able to produce a dashboard giving the ability to see the road network at any time during the day, enabling people to make smarter choices that avoids traffic jams and causes unnecessary pollution and burning of fossil fuels.
  • Surple (Newport) helps businesses make smarter energy decisions through their energy management software.  They pull data from buildings into their cloud-based software, which runs analytics to provide actionable insights to their users, helping them to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and ultimately their costs. Businesses in the UK have an opportunity to collectively save £6bn through energy efficiency and Surple is making this process easier to manage.
  • Sero (Cardiff) supports housing providers and their residents to reach net zero by sitting at the intersection of home comfort, construction and energy. Sero develops homes that complement changing energy systems using their energy platform, expertise, optimised design, construction and the new commissioning process of new and existing homes. This saves residents money, effort and it’s more planet-friendly.