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Most Interesting Cryptocurrency-Based Movies and Documentaries

Suppose you’re a long-term admirer of cryptocurrency. In that case, chances are you understand the history behind the creation of blockchain tech and its trends. However, the blockchain has advanced greatly in the past couple of years, and its history cannot be covered in 60 minutes.

You might have some idea about processes in the digital currency market, like how to buy stellar and make transactions on crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, if you want to know more about cryptocurrency, you can check out various movies and documentaries. These productions will enable you to understand the reason behind crypto creation, the emergence of altcoins, and the likely path crypto will take in the next few years.

Understanding crypto and its technology in an interesting way can be facilitated with these movies and documentaries.

This article will list the best film productions about digital currencies.

Top Movies and Documentaries About Cryptocurrency

  • Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin is one of the best documentaries about the premier cryptocurrency and the technology it was built on. Christopher Cannucciari directed the documentary, and it runs for about 90 minutes. The main focus of Banking on Bitcoin is that it walks viewers through the advancements made in the digital currency space since 2008.

The film was released in 2016. And every major development in the Bitcoin space down till then has been discussed. The documentary can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

  • Crypto

Crypto was released in 2019 and became one of the most popular crypto movies among virtual currency enthusiasts. The plot revolves around crime, thickening around the early days’ myth that criminals used bitcoin.

The movie is heavily centered around digital currency, with the main actors working around sensitive topics like money laundering. Other decentralized digital currencies were also discussed in the movie. John Stalberg Jr. directed the movie with Luke Hemsworth and Beau Knapp as the leading actors.

  • Cryptopia – Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet

If you need a crypto documentary that hits the right spots, you must get Cryptopia on your screen. The movie was produced by Torsten Hoffman, a director that has previously worked on crypto-related films.

Cryptopia was released in 2020 and offered insight into the workings of Bitcoin and the obstacles faced during its development. The documentary also highlights some controversies that make the crypto space so interesting. Cryptopia is best for an audience with an intermediate understanding of digital currency since it discusses core financial topics.

  • Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

If you’ve ever marveled at how the blockchain came into creation, then Trust Machine is the documentary for you. The film was produced by Alex Winter in 2018. It allows viewers to understand the technical side of Bitcoin by taking them through a backstory of the events that led to the creation of crypto.

Suppose you’re curious about the technicalities and logical end of cryptocurrency and its associated blockchain tech. In that case, this is the film for you.

  • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

While most of the crypto movies on this list view Bitcoin through the eyes of producers that had the benefit of hindsight, this documentary allows you to see Bitcoin as it was in 2014. Suppose you’re curious about how digital currency was viewed by the populace when it was just a few hundred dollars. In that case, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin gives it to you undiluted.


Several people are interested in Bitcoin, and some want different levels of insight into its surrounding technology. One of the best ways to understand crypto is to watch movies and documentaries about it. Banking on Bitcoin, Crypto, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, and Cryptopia are some quality films made for crypto enthusiasts.