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National Trust Gower donate trees to local primary school

National Trust tree planting at Knelston Primary

The team from National Trust Gower recently donated five cherry blossom trees to pupils from Knelston Primary school, to support the children with education around wildlife and climate change. 

The school was the first in the area to receive the trees, with the objective of increasing a nature-focused space for everyone to enjoy, whilst supporting local nature and wildlife. 

Pupils from the school’s ‘Eco-Club’ chose where their new trees would be planted, before digging the holes and watering them in, with the help of National Trust staff. 

Sally Thomas, Teacher at Knelston Primary School, said:  

“We spent a wonderful afternoon with the team from National Trust Gower planting five cherry trees. The children and I enjoyed every minute and learnt about the benefits of planting trees.  

“The children learnt how green spaces are beneficial to both our mental and physical health, how they help to provide homes and food for wildlife, and how they help to absorb C02 – one of the main causes of climate change.  

“These trees will be a legacy that future pupils can enjoy. Thank you to and the team!”. 

Alan Kearsley Evans, General Manager of Gower said:  

“It’s fantastic not only to work with the local community, but to engage the next generation on looking after our landscape, nature and wildlife. These are the people who will inherit the land around Gower in the future – let’s share our knowledge with them and give them the opportunity to ask questions about climate change. 

“We want to ensure that access to green spaces and information about the environment, is open to everyone. Thank you to the staff and pupils at Knelston Primary school for a fantastic afternoon”. 

The National Trust Cymru cares for around 2,000 hectares of land on Gower, including a large proportion of the Gower coastline, including Worm’s Head and farming land at the Vile. Our dedicated team have been restoring the landscape throughout Gower for many years, including the re-introduction of traditional farming methods and the restoration of wildlife corridors.