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New Theatre new production explore black British ancestry

Kyle Lima, Eadyth Crawford & Kyle Legall (c. Kirsten McTernan)

Theatr Iolo – Wales’ leading children’s theatre company – are producing a brand new, touring show celebrating Britain’s black ancestry, using the mythological story of the Welsh dragon.

Written by Kyle Lima, The Welsh Dragon is a historical, mythological children’s storytelling show that fuses verse, rhyme, music and rap. It will challenge audiences of all ages to question the stories handed down from generation to generation.

The show will open at Chapter in Cardiff on 7 October 2024 before touring to nine venues across south Wales.

When the walls of a Welsh castle start to crumble because of the two dragons who live in the dungeon, only someone of pure Welsh heritage can stop the battle… but how exactly do you know if someone is Welsh or not? 

The Welsh Dragon weaves together the well-known Welsh myth with historical hidden truths to explore identity, ethnicity and the origins of human life on the British Isles.

Writer Kyle Lima said: “I really wanted to break down the conventions and assumptions people often make about what British and Welsh people are. I wanted to put them aside and set the record straight about the origins of British people; they aren’t all white and they came from many different places.”

Lee Lyford, Theatre Iolo’s Artistic Director & Chief Executive, said: “Mythology is a staple of children’s storytelling, but young audiences can and should hear the truth behind the tales we tell, and be invited to question those tales. Kyle’s play does this with incredible energy, a huge sense of fun and a genuine affection for the dragon on Wales’ national flag.”

The Welsh Dragon is directed by Ewa Dina and designed by Kyle Legall. The composer is Eadyth Crawford. The cast will be confirmed later in the summer.