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Newtown escape rooms offers Christmas party with a difference

One of the many groups that has taken up the Beyond Breakout escape room challenge.

A Newtown attraction is offering businesses and groups a Christmas party with a difference this year.

Beyond Breakout, located on the fourth floor of Newtown’s Royal Welsh Warehouse, Pryce Jones Building, has a choice of three escape rooms for festive party groups

“As well as being great fun, escape rooms can double up as both a party and a team building exercise,” said Lorna Morris, who runs Beyond Breakout with business partner Jo Woodall.

“Escape rooms are a great way to bond with colleagues, allowing between two to six  players per group to team up and solve the puzzles in the room that will lead to their escape.

“For larger groups, Beyond Breakout can make it competitive for all by allowing teams to play against each other and the clock to see who can escape the fastest with the fewest clues along the way.

“We have three different escape room themes to choose from: Lost in Puzzleland, The Mask and our Christmas room, Elfin’ Mistake, which is opening on November 1.

“Playing an escape game together is an excellent way to connect and leaves participants with a lot to talk about post game.”

Lorna says playing an escape room can develop a positive mindset, as solving puzzles stimulates both sides of the brain, which improves mental health, mental clarity and heightens memory power.

“Playing the game can trigger the secretion of a hormone called serotonin – the happy chemical – which keeps us all excited and happy,” she added. “Most importantly, we hear a lot of laughter coming from our escape rooms, and laughter is indeed the best medicine!”