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Pembrokeshire coffee company launches with a difference

Leanne Holder and Jacob Leaver.

Staying healthy and having a strong immune system has never been so important, but with vitamins flying off the shelves through panic buying and with people regularly forgetting to take them, they never quite seem to make a massive impact to our daily lives. Coffee however, is drunk day in, day out.

Vitamin Coffee has created a way for you to get all your daily recommended vitamins in just one cup of coffee! Vitamin Coffee is expertly blended via a specific formulated process in Pembrokeshire.

The company is owned by two health conscious coffee lovers, Leanne Holder and Jacob Leaver, who both understand the importance of maintaining great health within a busy lifestyle.

Leanne Holder, co-owner of Vitamin Coffee said:

“Vitamins are so important for your health; however, we notice that more often than not, they remain in the cupboard untaken! Coffee however is everywhere we look, and in most households is the first thing consumed in the morning. Combining both Coffee and Vitamins solves the problem!

“The product itself is great for absolutely anyone that wishes to increase their health and wellbeing. It is a premium product that will help support and maintain a fit, active and healthy lifestyle. Not only does it cater to the general public, but when looking for a product that will increase athletic performance, Vitamin Coffee ticks all the boxes!”

Vitamin Coffee

Alongside two different roasts; Medium and Dark, are three different vitamin blends to choose from that make the product customisable.

  • Complete: A good all-rounder and 100% of your daily recommended vitamins.
  • Defence: To help your immune system. 100% of your daily recommended vitamins plus extra Vitamin C.
  • Energy: For an extra boost. 100% of your daily vitamins plus extra B6, B12 and extra Caffeine.

Leanne added:

“With people becoming unwell currently, now is the perfect time to increase your vitamin intake to guarantee that you are doing all you can to ensure your body is fighting fit and ready to tackle any and all illness’s”.

Leanne has also been sharing tips on how to exercise at home over on her blog, Lift Heavy, Live Healthy.

Vitamin Coffee is available to purchase online from www.vitamincoffee.co.uk