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Places on earth where it is best to ride a bike

Cycling is a fair sport that brings joy to all people, of all ages and abilities.Modern society has developed transport, aircraft, trains, cars. The movement is expanding in all directions. In addition to those places that we have indicated, you can also visit the walking tour of Istanbul.


Amsterdam is considered the friendliest city in the world.Amsterdam has a calm and pleasant culture of cycling, and cycling has become the main way to get around. The city has created a large number of speed limit zones of 30 km/h to ensure traffic safety, allowing residents to enjoy a “slow life”.Arriving in Amsterdam, you will often notice the movement of people on a bicycle, because it is in Amsterdam that the authorities pay more attention to bike paths than they care about nature.


Governing, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is becoming a new attraction in the city. This bike bridge.The bike path has a diameter of about 72 meters and provides a design scheme in accordance with the environment for maximum safety of cyclists.


A small town, but well-developed cycling.Utrecht took third place with the result in the development of bicycle traffic in small towns. The city has a well-established cycling infrastructure, a large number of residents travel by bicycle, which helps to improve the air. Planners in other cities should pay attention to Utrecht.


With a score of 55, Paris equals 13th place with Barcelona and Budapest, making it another cosmopolitan city on the list after Tokyo. Over the past few years, Paris has lagged far behind London and New York in becoming more convenient for cyclists. The bicycle exchange system in Paris has been a huge success, and the amount of cycling infrastructure is impressive. To encourage people to travel by bicycle, Paris has built a large number of speed limit zones of 30 km / h and demolished old highways along the river. The world would be a better place if every city in the world had the same political will as Paris, which aims to be a livable city.


Berlin scored 62 points, ranking 8th. Berliners are pragmatic and pragmatic when it comes to building cycling infrastructure and developing cycling culture. The 13% distribution rate of bicycle traffic in Berlin is not very high, but for a city of this size it is an impressive result. In some parts of Berlin, the distribution of bicycle traffic ranges from 20% to 25%, indicating that Berlin has great potential. In addition, the ratio of men to women to cycling in Berlin is balanced, and the age range is also very large, which means that cycling has become an important way to travel for Berliners.


Places where you can ride a bike in Budapest:

  • Shoes on the Danube
  • Embankment near the Musical Fountain
  • Central street Vasi street

Over the last few years, Budapest has made many efforts to be more bicycle-friendly, especially in promoting cycling and increasing public recognition. Budapest is a leader among new cyclist-friendly cities. Like many other lower-level cities, Budapest had low infrastructure and needed to build more secure bike lanes. The city is a regional leader in cycling culture, but a lack of political will and a desire to truly change the way we travel can lead to other cities taking its place.