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Popular App Categories to Explore on the Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Unsplash

The Vision Pro is the most recent venture by Apple into the field of spatial technology. It has gained significant attention from app programmers and users since its introduction. It’s no surprise that the tech giants announced that over 1000 Vision Pro Apps have been released after its debut in February. We’ve explored some of the app categories that use the distinctive features of the device.

Game Apps

The Vision Pro redefines conventional gaming boundaries by providing an extensive array of options for players. It comes with a SharePlay feature that lets you download multiplayer games from the App Store while playing with friends on FaceTime.

It accommodates an extensive range of users, from audio-only games such as “A Blind Legend” which uses 3D sounds for movement, to multiplayer card games like Bingo and Hearts.  Depending on your preference, you can access these game titles via Apple’s Game Centre or from platforms that offer the best bingo apps and card games. Furthermore, the platform allows you to explore a ton of titles including live bingo and other interactive casino games with friends and even win prizes along the way.

Social Media Apps

The device is also ingenious for social networking applications, providing you with fresh experiences in interacting and establishing connections with people. It offers a whole new use of Facetime with real-time animated avatars for video conferencing. This was among its most talked-about features in the first week of its release.

Other compatible apps include TikTok, Reddit and Discord, all customized for spatial computing. Some of the unique features available include AI-captioning and dynamic thumbnails. The integration of these app-based social networks into the Vision Pro system makes social media even more interactive and appealing.

Credit: Unsplash

Music Streaming Apps

Music enthusiasts are not left behind in the Vision Pro ecosystem. With Apple Music, users can download and play more than 100 million songs with no ads. The service also offers key audio attributes including lossless audio and Dolby acoustics.

You can use other popular streaming apps and services on the App Store due to its compatibility with up to 1.5 million iPad programs. Application support for screen motions and speech commands also facilitates navigation of massive music libraries for individuals with visual disabilities. This ensures that you face no obstacles when listening to music.

Movie Streaming Apps

Video streaming on the Vision Pro provides you with an immersive viewing experience. Several platforms are accessible on the device including Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Netflix is noticeably absent from the collection but you can access an extensive collection of movies thanks to the variety of other streaming applications. These apps take advantage of Vision Pro’s spatial processing power to offer a fascinating cinematic view.


As developers delve into the potential of this advanced technology, you can look forward to a whole new world of captivating experiences. Likewise, with more developers becoming familiarised with the gadget, newer apps are set to be launched soon.