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Popularity Of Online Casinos Increased During Pandemic

Before COVID-19 brought so many disasters to humanity, the online gambling market was already a global phenomenon and growing rapidly despite all this pandemic stuff. However, the coronavirus has significantly accelerated the development of online gambling.

People who could not visit real casinos, racetracks, or bookmaker offices switched to online casinos, betting sites, and gambling sites in large numbers. Amid the loyalty of gambling sites only in the United Kingdom, according to Analytics Insight, the number of people playing slot machines 2increased by 25%, and in online poker — by 38%.

However, it is still difficult to define reliable English casino sites because scams do not disappear. Fortunately, a lot of reviewers exist and help to choose the best online casinos for UK players and provide a more responsible attitude to gambling during pandemic reality.

Why Do People Start Playing Online Casinos During Quarantine?

What made people plunge into online gambling in this difficult year for everyone? Perhaps the fact that many top online casinos have begun to offer their potential customers many bonuses and promotions after registration. And of course, it works. For example, a player can receive welcome bonuses, deposit promotions, weekly or monthly bonuses, and keep playing games on an appropriate gambling website.

At the same time, the sites made such concessions concerning already registered players. In particular, many online casinos began to increase their RTP (return to player) percentage. This means users have a great chance to win. Anyway, a question arises — how to pick a safe and trustworthy operator during such difficult times. We are going to talk about it in the following paragraph.

Which Is the Best Online Gambling Software & Safe Online Casino?

Here we have collected the top 4 ultimate criteria of trusted online casinos. Thanks to the factors described below, a player may choose the most honest operator that never cheats its customers. Go ahead.

Availability Of License

The best proof of the reliability of a gambling portal is a license. Large clubs that value their reputation get licenses in jurisdictions where gambling is legal. License data can be obtained by contacting the operator’s technical support service. The casino employees must provide you with scanned copies of documents that officially authorize the activities of the operator. For example, the best UK online casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Special Encryption Protocol

To protect player data from hackers, large online casinos use the SSL protocol. Its presence means that scammers will not be able to access your profile. Moreover, on sites with the SSL protocol, money transactions are carried out with the necessary verification. It is a simple process — a password is sent to a person in an SMS message, which he/she must indicate during the cashing out of wins. As a result, scammers will not be able to intercept the transfer.

Professional & Friendly Customer Support

The support service is another of the main criteria for choosing the right casino. If the website allows you to communicate with real people (support managers) by phone, live chat, or email — this is a sign of a quality and trusted operator.

Discover Site Ratings

When looking for a reliable casino, be sure to check the ratings of such platforms. They are built up by professionals whose opinion you can trust. You will find ratings on the various specialized resources and social networks. To be honest, the UK online casinos list is huge but you require good ones.

Security Measures To Protect UK Gamblers During Pandemic

Online slot machines are made an exact copy of those in land-based establishments and have a high return, which was the reason for the increased demand for casinos during the quarantine. Left without work, many people decided to find an easy source of income on the Internet. For instance, the average deposit amount per player in the UK before the pandemic was 95 USD, after — 110 USD.

However, some risks that were related to addiction arose because excessive gambling can lead to the loss of all funds and the formation of debts. To prevent this problem, regulators are imposing strict requirements on operators and restrictions aimed at protecting British users.

By the way, during the quarantine period, land-based casinos were temporarily closed, but in some countries restrictions also affected the online sector. For example, the Latvian government decided that this step would help reduce the impact of problematic gambling.


To sum up, the coronavirus has launched chains of irreversible changes in all spheres of society life. And many of them brought crisis consequences, in particular for the middle class. Some areas of business are in severe stagnation and suffer colossal losses. On the other hand, some online platforms have experienced a serious rise. Estimates show that by the end of 2020, the global gambling market will be worth $66.7 billion, compared with the previous year’s $58.9 billion.

So that is senseless to confront the gambling rise. Anyway, we hope that our advice will help you choose a correct and honest online casino to play that will not disappoint you, but even pleasantly surprise you with games, bonuses, rewards, and safety.