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Review: Singin’ In the Rain at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Join us on the set of Michael Harrison and Jonathan Church’s critically acclaimed production of Singin’ in the Rain as it wows audiences at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

We’re taken back to the roaring twenties, where Monumental Pictures are making silent movies and a tall tale of romance between their leading duo. But, times are changing as leading star Don Lockwood played by Sam Lips gets his heart stolen by a young talented chorus girl, Kathy Selden played by Charlotte Gooch.

It’s all change in the world of cinema, a new dawn is on the horizon with Warner Brothers making the first talking picture. It proves to be hit with cinema-goers, going from fad to mainstream, becoming the main form of popular entertainment at the time… and still is today. Will R F Simpson (Dale Rapley), owner of Monumental Pictures, change his ways, or steady the course that has brought so much success to date?

Pictured: Charlotte Gooch and Sam Lips

It isn’t all plain sailing for lovebirds Don and Kathy either, who find themselves caught up in this evolutionary time. They experience the cut-throatiness of Hollywood, finding themselves teetering on the wrong side of change, can the actors and actresses adapt quickly enough, in this do or die moment in cinema history? Of course, no love story is without its triangle, and when co-star Lina Lamont (Jenny Gayner) finds out about the pair’s romance, she embarks on a series of self-destructing events that will ultimately end in her demise.

Having not watched the film for a long time, seeing the performance was like watching it for the first time all over again. Right from the start of the performance, the audience plays a key role in the production, taking on the role of the red carpet audience, and adoring fans to the famous Lockwood and Lamont duo. The audience also becomes the cinema audience as you get to watch the films projected on stage.

Singin’ In the Rain

The opening set is imposing but surprisingly fluid throughout the show. You see it change from a movie set to the Chinese theatre, and the streets of Hollywoodland. The main characters on stage wouldn’t be the same without the glitz and the glam of the 1920’s movie premieres and the rainbow of colour brought to stage during the Ballet scenes of Act 2.

Singin’ In the Rain finale

What I found most impressive is that over 14,000 litres of waters is used each night on stage to give a show stopping performance and make the experience more authentic.

This talented star filled cast tap and splash their  way across the stage to classics such as ‘Good Morning’, ‘Moses Supposes’ and of course the famous ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Backed by the wonderful Orchestra led by Grant Walsh and of course the hard work that is put in by all of the production staff.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the front few rows you may event require your own umbrella.

With an age guidance of 5+ this is truly one for the family to enjoy.

Don’t wait to book with tickets starting at just £19 and closing showing taking place on 28th May, 2022. Find out more and book tickets here.