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S4C announce new TV series with Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins. Credit: S4C

S4C, the Welsh-language broadcaster, has commissioned More Than Daffs and Taffs (WT), a 6×40 min ob-doc series, produced by Carlam Ltd.

Production of this new series will be officially launched at the National Eisteddfod 2022, the largest cultural festival in Europe, being held this year in Tregaron, Wales from the 30 July to 6 August.

More Than Daffs and Taffs (WT), will see Reality TV celebrities, each with their own connection to Wales, immerse themselves fully in the Welsh culture, to shine a light on the preconceptions and prejudices they may have of the Country. Each episode will aim to show our TV celebrities and the viewers at home, that the real Wales has way more to offer than just Daffodils and Sheep. They will be thrown in to a 48-hour experience where they will experience Wales in a way that will challenge, surprise and delight them.

Celebrities announced to date include TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, with more high-profile celebrities and influencers to be announced soon.

Viewers will be guided through the format by presenter, Miriam Isaac, who will be seen with the celebrities throughout of their journey. At the end of each episode, the presenter will confront the celebrity with a recording of their initial bias.

Gemma Collins said: “When I think of Wales, I only really know it for the valley life. But I want to know… Is there more to Wales? From the minute I pulled up in Wales, all I could smell was coal – the smell I could never forget – It’s my earliest childhood memory.”

S4C’s Chief Content Officer, Llinos Griffin-Williams said: “S4C is committed to delivering a diverse and vibrant slate of content, ensuring relevant and exciting programmes that push the boundaries. More Than Daffs and Taffs (WT) is commissioned as part of our new strategy focused on bringing engaging, provocative shows that drive discussion and appeal to existing and new audiences. We want to engage with national debates and reflect a diverse, modern Wales and its relationship with the rest of the world. This commission brings broad popular talent to our platforms as they challenge preconceived ideas of Wales and Welsh Culture. We are looking for noisy and distinctive shows with memorable characters, sharing unique experiences. Our goal is to deliver a varied content slate for 2023/24, shifting from a linear only channel to a digitally focused multiplatform Broadcaster, making popular, inclusive programming that will engage new audiences and entertain existing viewers.”