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Spotlight: Meet Russell Ruffino, founder of Clients on Demand

Russ Ruffino

In 2011, Russ Ruffino set out to change the way service-based companies do business. Before this time, many business owners in this realm had to open a brick and mortar store in order to best serve their clients. However, Ruffino knew different. He knew that the more services companies could offer online, the bigger they could grow. Thus, Clients on Demand was born.

Clients on Demand is a company that Ruffino created to help professional, service-based business providers such as coaches and consultants scale their businesses to higher levels. And Ruffino’s process involves achieving this growth without taking the ‘traditional’ route that generally involves going into deep levels of debt first.

Increasing Client Base

One of the main purposes behind Clients on Demand is to teach other service providers the steps necessary to grow their income by enrolling more clients. This is a much different approach than that used by a lot of services today, many of which are more intent on helping customers increase their online following, which doesn’t always translate into business growth.

By following this approach, many of Ruffino’s clients have been able to achieve six and seven figure incomes. From Marni Battista, a love coach for women who was able to obtain $155,000 in warm leads by using Clients on Demand methodology, to David Newman, a success coach who was able to beat his previous year’s income in just seven months, it’s clear that Ruffino knows what he’s talking about when it comes to doing more online.

In fact, Clients on Demand is a service that is 100 percent online. This gives Ruffino and his team the opportunity to serve clients from all around the world, giving them the tools they need to achieve massive levels of growth.

Growth for Everyone

It isn’t just his clients who are reaping the rewards either as Ruffino’s company itself has grown exponentially in recent years.

Specifically, from 2014 to 2017, Clients on Demand grew by 876 percent —increasing to $27.1 million in revenue—according to Inc. magazine. And in 2017, Clients on Demand was named #186 in Inc. 5000 rankings, remaining on this list still today.

Though this amount of income is often only in business owners’ dreams, Ruffino stresses that he isn’t done yet. His goal is to more than triple this amount and exceed $100 million in annual revenues at Clients on Demand in the near future, a number he feels certain he can hit.

This said, it’s easy to see that Ruffino cares just as much about his client’s businesses as he does about his own. No doubt, this has contributed to the levels of success he’s been able to achieve for both himself and his clientele. But how does he do it?

Doing Things Better

Ruffino’s philosophy is, at least in part, to not always be so focused on just creating content, but more so on creating better content. This is critical in today’s age since companies are fighting each other for consumers’ attention online.

Ruffino adds that this higher quality content has moved away from articles and blogs toward more visual content like videos and posts on social media. Thus, leveraging these types of marketing strategies can help businesses grow by keeping up with the way consumers prefer to interact.

Doing things better also means not just supplying clients with the information they need to change their businesses or personal lives, but actively assisting in the transformation itself according to Ruffino. If you can give a client measurable results in a relatively short amount of time, then that is a success. For you and for them.