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St John Cymru Staff Member Thanked for “Phenomenal Service”

A member of staff from Wales’ leading first aid charity has been personally thanked for her “dedication” and “patience” while transporting a mother from the hospital to her care home.

Francesca Baker, along with her colleague, Douglas Newberry, both from St John Cymru, transported the woman from the hospital to her care home in Cardiff.

Ms Dave 82, was diagnosed with Motor Neurons Disease (MND) and having lost the ability to speak, can often find communicating a challenge.

Former South Wales Police Superintendent Jay Dave, who witnessed the care Francesca gave his mother said: “I was in policing for over 30 years and, over time when you’re not on the front line, you can sometimes lose sight of just how much of a difference people at the forefront of an organisation make on a day-to-day basis.

“To see the patience and care Francesca had with mum was an absolute gift.

“She settled mum in as if she was her own relative. It was so lovely to see. The service was phenomenal,” he added.

Francesca, who previously worked in mental health care, joined St John Cymru early in 2018.

“I really love my job.

“My role at St John Cymru is the first I’ve had where I get up in the morning and genuinely love what I do.

“You meet so many amazing people and I always try my best to help them as best I can,” she added.

James Shaughnessy Director of Operations said: “St John Cymru Patient Transport Service operates throughout Wales providing a quality and caring service to local communities”

“We are very proud of our staff who are extremely hardworking and dedicated.”

“We’d like to thank Jay for visiting us and personally thanking Francesca” he added.

Jay Dave said: “Thank you to everyone who works on behalf of the St John Cymru Patient Transport Service.

“It’s really easy to see it’s a great working culture and a happy place. That’s rare,” he added.

St John Cymru works closely with NHS Wales, local health boards, social services, private hospitals, insurance companies and individuals, operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year.