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Swansea Council’s new Cabinet has been unveiled


Council Leader Rob Stewart announced the new line-up at a meeting of Council on May 24, including five new unpaid Cabinet Assistant posts to support Cabinet Members in their wide-ranging roles.

Under the new arrangements Cllr David Hopkins and Cllr Andrea Lewis will be joint deputy Leaders with Cllr Lewis looking after the service transformation portfolio and Cllr Hopkins in charge of Corporate Services and Performance.

The Community Cabinet post will be a job share between newly-elected councillor Hayley Gwilliam, who will look after community support, and Cllr Cyril Anderson who will look after community services.

Cllr Stewart said the new team was created to drive forward the council’s agenda over the coming months and years.

He said: “Swansea Council has been transformed over the last few years, creating a new approach that has supported our communities through the toughest of times during the pandemic and in its immediate aftermath.

“The council has delivered Swansea Arena and is continuing its regeneration of the city centre in the years ahead. It has supported residents through initiatives ranging from direct financial grants to the creation of Local Area Co-ordinators.

“Working with our communities, the council aims to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of the future together.

“But there is a huge amount of work to do to deliver on the council’s ambitions for our city and ensure we support our communities to thrive on their potential.”

Under the new Cabinet arrangements, Cllr Robert Smith remains in his role as Cabinet Member for Education and Learning and Cllr Robert Francis-Davies stays as Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism.

  • Cllr Andrew Stevens takes over the Environment and Infrastructure portfolio. There are four newly-created portfolios.
  • Cllr Louise Gibbard will look after Care Services, including social services, adult social care and child and family services.
  • Cllr Alyson Pugh will be Cabinet Member for Wellbeing with responsibility for poverty reduction, financial inclusion, welfare rights and community cohesion.
  • Cllr Elliott King has the new portfolio of Equalities and Culture, including responsibility for libraries, archives, cultural services, diversity, community centres and armed forces veterans.
  • The Community portfolio will be overseen by Cllr Cyril Anderson and Cllr Hayley Gwilliam in a job share. Cllr Anderson’s responsibilities will include waste management, streetscene improvements, public toilets and litter and community cleansing.
  • Cllr Gwilliam’s responsibilities for Community support include Local Area Co-ordination, mental health awareness, youth services, community safety and neighbourhood working.

The five new Cabinet Assistants are:

  • Education and Skills – Cllr Mike Durke
  • Safeguarding people – Cllr Ceri Evans
  • Economy and Infrastructure – Cllr Phil Downing
  • Climate Change – Cllr Kelly Roberts
  • Organisational Transformation – Cllr Mandy Evans.

Cllr Stewart said: “I’d like to welcome all the Cabinet Members and Cabinet Assistants to their new roles. These are challenging and exciting times and it’s our ambition to work with the people of Swansea to continue to deliver on the priorities they have set for us.”